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Popularly known as “Dr. D”, the world-renowned dental surgeon ushers you into Ottawa Sedation Dental hospital with an infectious smile that brightens your face and shortly makes the pain in your tooth fade away. Born in Montreal Quebec, Dr. Diane Dmytrowski graduated in 1994 from McGill University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Physiology. She later graduated in 1998 after a doctorate degree in Dental Surgery, a thing that makes her indispensable in the Ottawa hospital. She pursued a rigorous General Residency Program in Syracuse that made her learn the ropes in Dental surgery. Presently, she is pursuing Advanced Dental studies in Las Vegas institute.

Dr. D's life is not all about books and putting a smile on her patients. Nope, she has an interesting personal life. She is married to Dr. Dave her former dental schoolmate and college crush. Together, the couple has been blessed with two beautiful kids: Emma and Ethan who is a true bundle of joy to their parents. When she is not at Ottawa Sedation Dental Hospital or hanging out with her lovely family, you will most probably find her in sports clothes biking, traveling and hiking--her favorite pastimes.

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