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Diana Ring is a music, technology and photography enthusiast with eight years of experience working numerous facets of the music industry including, radio, retail, and the promotion of record labels, artists and concerts.Holding a Bachelor’s in Communications and a Master’s in Marketing Communications from Clark University, Diana also minored in Music Technology. Her thesis on how technology is changing and evolving the way people discover, share, consume and create music was awarded Honors.Experience and formal education has led Diana to acquire a number of transferrable skills including:• Researching, organizing and analyzing information thoroughly.• Writing creatively (i.e. blogs) or formally (i.e. proposals or reports) for a targeted audience.• Creating, implementing and evaluating new ideas and projects.• Independently troubleshooting and solving problems with technology.• Quickly adapting to and improving work environments.Diana is also a photographer, web and graphic designer, digital artist and writer who advances and develops new skills through online educational courses and freelance projects.As a forward-thinker, Diana aims to work at a technology-based company that pushes music, culture or art into a higher realm of experience, appreciation and collaboration in the digital age.

Work experience

Feb 2010Jun 2011

Media Coordinator & Project Manager

Visionary Media


May 2007May 2008

Master of Science

Clark University