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Diana Lee Won Zin




Business Psychology MSc provided me with detailed understanding relevant to business and digital marketing. Below are the skills and knowledge I gained from my postgraduate degree:

1) Consumer and economic behaviours: Marketing and advertising skills, related to branding and consumerism
2) Strong knowledge in creating brand awareness as well as digital media marketing and advertising.

3) Advanced quantitative and qualitative research methods: research and development skills related to market research. 
4) Organisational culture and diversity skills: knowledge and application of utilizing talents management based on organisation's needs and diversity of workplace.

5) Organisational hierarchy analysis, team coaching, team building.



Basic understanding and application of psychological knowledge in areas of organisational/business psychology, social psychology, personality theories, biopsychology, developmental psychology, learning and cognition, counselling and coaching skills. There were also field training (business profiling) and thesis (research and development skills). 

Work experience


Blogger, Social Media Specialist

Started as a lifestyle blogger for more than 2 years ( I ventured into a world of digital advertising as well as included in social media campaigns of big brands in reaching public via my social media skills. Due to this, I learned vastly about page rankings, SEO, landing pages, FB ads, and etc., which gave me well-versed knowledge and on-hands practice in digital advertising. Besides than blogging, I also make Youtube videos out of passion, which enable me to learn more about how viral video marketing works. Attends numerous social events as a blogger which at the same time enhanced my contacts and social skills. 

Scholastic Corporation  

Oct 2014Mar 2015

Public Relations Executive

Experienced in handling media, drafting press releases, as well as handling public events. Handles copy writing for company social media accounts. And also pitched marketing ideas from time to time. Also experienced in handling ambassadors, branding of company's marketing campaigns, as well as shaping of company image via visuals and advertising concepts. 

Jan 2015

Independent Author

Authored and published a novel entitled HUMAN GENESIS (first book for a trilogy series) only available on for now. I learned how to garner my online media skills to gain attention to my novel which made me gain more awareness on how digital marketing works - a skill which can be largely applicable in any career. Also an outlet for my creativity and writing skills.


Radio Personality/Presenter

Official live traffic reporter on-air, official handler of TRAXXfm's social media accounts (Twitter & Facebook), and co-hosts show on-air. Also helped in official radio events, sometimes scripting for promotional jingles (awareness campaigns, sponsors/brands), and also appeared in RTM television shoots. Skills in event management, campaigning, branding, and reaching out to the public, as well as presentation and communication skills are well utilized and sharpened during my tenure with RTM.


Experienced in handling media (radio announcing and television appearances) as well as magazine shootings. Exposed to various brand representatives (as a media person and blogger) I am well-versed in dealing with issues relating to branding, marketing, and public relations.
Experienced in managing social media via blogosphere and social media accounts in my previous job as a radio presenter. Apart form that, my skills were sharpened as I have been a committed BLOGGER who helps sponsors promote brands occasionally ( since 2011 with stable views and established domain. Combined with practical knowledge gained from my postgraduate degree relating to internet consumerism, I have confidence in my social media skills.
Skilled in Excel, Powerpoint slides, Word documents files. Also skilled in social media related medium such as Youtube and Facebook (marketing) related-skills.
1) ENGLISH LANGUAGE: Able to read, write, converse and communicate in perfect English (10/10) 2) BAHASA MALAYSIA: Able to read, write, and overall good command in good BM (9/10) 3) CHINESE LANGUAGE: Fairly good command in Chinese communication , in the process of attending more remedial classes to perfect reading and writing (5/10) 4) FRENCH: Able to read at elementary level, in the process of attending remedial classes to learn French deeper (2/10)