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At this moment my main goal it to become an experienced 3D artist. I spend all my free time on reaching that goal: improving myself in 3d and studying everyday new skills by myself and in the school. 

Work experience

Aug 2013Aug 2015 ;


I was working with clients. Did consulting, selling on site and handling internet orders.
I was responsible for administering company on-line store (updating information, updating software).



3D Foundation

Escape Studios | Pearson College London

3D modelling, texturing and lighting , Autodesk Maya


Social work (study programme) Social work with older People (specialization)

Kolping University of applied sciences, Kaunas, Lithuania 



I know how to make textures, how to colour 3d object and how to apply everything on uv map.


At this moment i am mastering lighting and texturing skills to get photorealistic shot of interior.

Lighting and texturing and rendering
3D Studio Max

I used 3D Studio Max before (now focusing on Maya in studies), so I would need some time to start up (though the applications are similar).

English Language

My english skills are not very strong at the moment, but I keep improving it every day. I don't have any problems understanding (everyday and at school), it just sometimes takes me longer to form my thoughts in English.

Lithuanian, Russian languages
Microsoft Office

Word, Excel, power-point


I love organic modeling