For more than a decade, Diamond Ranch Academy has been operating a residential treatment center for young people between the ages of 12 and 18. Guided by their motto, “healing families, one youth at a time,” Diamond Ranch Academy has developed a program based on choice and personal accountability. Diamond Ranch Academy stays open year round, typically enrolling students for 8 to 12 months. While it does not accept dangerous youths who have been court adjudicated to receive treatment, Diamond Ranch Academy does take young people who exhibit entitlement, low motivation, anger, deceptive behavior, low self esteem, and a tendency to use drugs or alcohol. The typical Diamond Ranch Academy student may also be hanging out with a peer group that supports bad personal choices and making frequent demands to be treated like an adult, while rejecting the actual responsibilities of adulthood. When a student comes to Diamond Ranch Academy, the teen is immediately immersed in its unique program, which consists of a point system. Each week, every individual at Diamond Ranch Academy has a certain amount of points they can use or earn through their participation in activities and behavior. These points advance them on their own “track,” which is assigned to each student based on their personal needs. Then, once a week, the kids go to Diamond Ranch Academy’s “court” to appear before the campus director and judges of their peers to decide if they had a successful week or not. Thus, the connection between personal action and accountability is reinforced on a continual basis in an attentive and supportive community environment.

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