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I am an enthusiastic Customer Service Representative who focuses mostly on company reputation. Despite having a degree in Computer Science, I have learnt that I am passionate in providing good customer service. I am only satisfied if a customer leaves the store fully satisfied. I really like to be up-to-date with new technology such as smartphones. I am really interested in the emerging field of motion gaming and virtual reality which i closely follow.

Work experience

Jan 2010Nov 2010

Sales and Management

Gokul Jewellers Fiji

Worked at my Dad's jewellery shop as a sales representative for about a year of which 3 months included the role of management as well. Some of the duties carried out were:

  • ensured customers were satisfied with every part of the sales experience, from initial greeting through order completion.
  • operating the cash register and handling financial transactions
  • performing inventory checks
  • checking and replenishing stock on display
  • Setting up stock in the morning(includes taking jewellery out of the safe)
  • putting stock back in the safe at the end of the day
Jan 2013Jul 2013

Sales and Management

Krishna Jewellers NZ(Part-time)
  • Role at this workplace was the same as Gokul Jewellers. Together with the above duties, I performed general computer operations for the manager. 


Communication and Rapport Building Skills
  • very effective in working with people of different background
  • very quick in building relationships with people, whether it be personal or professional
  • exceptional command of the English language with strong verbal and written skills
Problem Solving and Organizing 
  • a problem solver who has great time management skills that organizes tasks effectively
  • ability to cope and work effectively under time pressure which is attained from my academic journey
Computing Skills
  • high level understanding of computer systems which I learnt during my Degree in Computer Science and Information Systems
  • ability to work with cash registers
  • above average typing speed


Mar 2012Jun 2015

Bachelor of Science

University of Auckland
-Major in Computer Science and Information Systems


  • Watching and playing various sports especially soccer, rugby and cricket(playing soccer for a club)
  • Socializing
  • playing console video games(PlayStation fan) and some mobile games
  • listening to music, watching comedy series (FRIENDS fan)and anime series
  • creating games and applications


Available on request