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Vision & Business Development

·Developed the commercialization plan that identified, market segments, product pricing strategy and target customers. This resulted in $20 million in incremental sales.

·Developed the marketing and sale plan for the aluminum foundry market that increased product sales over 100% and margins over 20% over a seven-year period.

·Developed the product health analysis process that look at the competitive offering and pricing in the market as well as the inventory position of the product lines and the turnaround time versus the customer requirements. In addition, I reviewed the manufacturing cost position and the age of the routing used to develop the product.The result was product margins increased by 5 percent over a two-year period.

·Led a global team to implement the integrated marketing process that aligned sales and marketing activities, and evolved the web site into a world-class information tool for customers.

Sales and Marketing

·Led the sales and marketing effort that increased product, solution and fluid power catalog sales to $10 million increase over a two-year period.

·Led the sales, marketing, engineering and manufacturing functional areas that resulted in increased product sales year over year and several new products introduced into the market that generated 5 million dollars in revenue.

·Implemented sales and marketing plan that increased market share, facilitated sales and marketing coordination, increased product sales 10% and product margins 3% over a two-year period.

·Developed and implemented a US Sales kit that resulted in product line sales increases of 50% over a two-year period.

·Developed and implemented the Technology Summit that resulted in 8 hours of discussion time with customers as opposed to 10 minutes.


TD Williamson Accomplishments

I created and implemented the technology and product road mapping processes. Roadmaps were developed for the oil, gas, offshore, pipeline, water and power markets. The technology roadmaps covered a 10 to 15 year range, while the product roadmaps covered a 5-year range.

I led the strategic planning process during my time at TD Williamson. My responsibilities included, coordinating market research for various strategic pursuits, conducting Voice of Customer interviews, leading strategic planning discussions with team members, developing customer strategic questions and ensuring that business unit leaders were coordinating their strategic plans with three year impact plans.

I created and implemented the Integrated Marketing Communication process. The process brought together the engineering, marketing, sales and product management teams to align the sales and marketing activities. This process looks at the company’s market position in terms of SWOT, primary audience, key market objectives, communication goals, positioning statement and key message. This information was used to develop the yearly marketing communication plan that included messages for advertisement, trade shows to attend, marketing collateral, email campaign and webcast schedule. Additionally I created and implemented a sales tool kit for new product introductions. This tool kit included, pricing strategy versus competitors, case studies, target customers, warranty, value proposition, customer list and competitive analysis.

I have extensive experience at implementation of several marketing programs while at TD Williamson. Programs implemented include, web site development, sales success story implementation, market research methodology and marketing boot camp.

Swagelok Accomplishments

I created and implemented the product and sales commercialization process at Swagelok. The impact of this program is far reaching on the future direction of Swagelok as it outlines and gives direction to marketing, business development and field sales engineering on the methodology of how to increase the adoption rate of new products, services and technologies. The new products were being focused on target accounts however, there was no metric to determine how successful the process was being implemented on a quarterly basis. I developed a metric, which is systematic and drives accountability within the marketing and sales organization. As part of the product and sales commercialization process, I developed the market strategy for North America, Europe, and Asia. A summary of product revenue performance versus projected revenue is shown on the portfolio panel.

I created and implemented the product health analysis process, which looks at the sales and margin position of the key core products ( valves and tube fittings) as well as the value engineering position, competitive product offerings, and intellectual property position and delivery fulfillment strategies. Four products were annually reviewed using this process that resulted in an average product profitability of 5%. Additionally five none performing product lines were eliminated using this process.

I led the development of the technology and product road mapping process that the company uses on an annual basis. These roadmaps tie directly into the strategic planning process and Stage Gate process that is revised on an annual basis. Additionally I developed the organizational connection between the product health analysis and product roadmaps. Twenty new products were identified by using the road mapping process and brought to market over a four year period. These new products added $10 million in additional revenue for the company.

I sat on the company’s product committee, which has oversight of the Stage Gate process, product portfolio process, measurement of product development success and allocation of corporate resources for innovative products.As part of my membership, I was the sponsor of several corporate projects where I assessed the team progress on a regular basis and addressed corporate roadblocks that prevent the project from proceeding according to agreed upon project timelines.

I created and implemented the first ever Swagelok Technology Summit. This summit was conceived to address customer pain points in an intellectual environment where industry experts, customers and Swagelok market exerts would give technical presentations. The summit had five tracks that were conducted simultaneously. The tracks are Analyzers and Gas Chromatographs, Sample Systems, Automated and Intelligent Products, Material Technology and Process Instrumentation. In addition to the technical presentations, a market expo/reception was held at the end of the day where customers could see demonstrations of actual solutions to some of their pain points (in the form of Swagelok products).

Applied Industrial Technologies (AIT)

As Director of Sales and Marketing at Applied Industrial Technologies, I had P&L responsibility for the fluid power business unit.I grew this business from $100 million to $110 million in two years. Additionally I was able to increase product line margins by 3 % over that same time frame.

I was responsible for creation of the company’s first Fluid Power catalog. The catalog had more then 500 hundred pages and 14000 sku’s. The catalog had products from 44 fluid power vendors and was published with co-op dollars that I helped negotiate from the key vendors. The catalog was the foundation marketing piece of the entire marketing strategy that I developed at AIT. Other components of the strategy were to develop a brand identity, web page with e-transaction ability, sales marketing collateral and a fluid power training program. As part of the metrics used to manage the fluid power sales force, I developed a Customer Relationship Management software tool.During my tenure at AIT fluid power sales increased during a recession period of the economy.

I also created the process of taking fluid power systems developed in other business units of the organization and incorporating them into the business unit that I managed. This innovative approach to cross-functional marketing assisted with the positive revenue increase year after year.

Eaton Corporation

I developed several innovative marketing programs during my tenure at Eaton Corporation. My marketing credits include the company’s first Metal Working Industry marketing plan and Paper Industry marketing plan. I have written and presented several technical papers, produced technical catalogs, sales collateral and customer surveys.

In this matrix environment, my management responsibility included training of the sales and application engineering team as well as guiding them on the system solution selling process for pneumatic and hydraulic industrial brakes and clutches. Additionally I developed new sales processes in working with the sales force in product presentations, delivery follow up of key products to key customers and promotion of sales programs within the organization.

I have extensive new product development experience using the techniques of Quality Functional Deployment and Voice of Customer processes.These processes were used to develop and launch two industrial brake product lines, which generated forecasted revenue.


I had complete P&L responsibility for the degassing unit program while employed at Foseco. This position represented about 5% of the company’s profits and was outside of the normal business process stream. Therefore, I had to oversee the sales, marketing, engineering, accounting, manufacturing, customer service, supplier development and legal warranty development for this product line. I wrote the company’s first marketing plan for the Metal Treatment Station that is used in the Aluminum Foundry market. During the seven years, while at employed at Foseco I increased the sales of this product line from $25,000 to $ 5 million. Additionally, I was responsible for bringing out several new innovative product versions of the primary product line to increase market penetration in the target market. Innovations included PLC control, electric motor control, and lower cost versions.

I have authored several technical papers, presented product demonstrations at trade shows and marketed and sold products in North America, South America, Europe and Asia.


Strategic thinking Mechanical Engineer with an MBA that has proven sales and marketing methodologies that turns Corporate Strategies into revenue generation. I’m seeking a senior level marketing position in the Industrial Marketplace where I can leverage my 20+ year’s experience.


Bruce Binkley

Mike Dills

Key Qualifications


Work experience

Feb 2010Present



Charged with leading and developing the business development effort for the greater Cincinnati area. Lead the market positioning and customer acquisition effort on a national basis.

·Overall responsibility for directing the sale of infinitely variable transmission products to the domestic and international marketplace for a key client.

·Lead team responsible for providing technical support of infinitely variable transmissions sales presentations for a key client.

·Monitor economic and other external conditions that may affect company operations.

·Responsible for maximizing company sales growth and key client sales growth.

·Oversight of all sales and marketing activities.

·Implemented the sales and marketing process that returned the business to positive growth trends.

·Built networks and relationships with key community leaders and chamber groups to increase market exposure resulting in increased customer base by 10%.

Nov 2006Nov 2008

Director of Business Development and Marketing

TD Williamson

Executive team member and managed 20 associates internationally dispersed.

·Created Integrated Marketing Communication process that resulted in marketing and sales cohesion.

·Led the pipeline industry product and technology roadmapping process to identify future product and acquisition opportunities.

·Created the Technology Summit that led the global sales, marketing and engineering teams in establishment of the global branding effort.

·Led the market research and analysis effort to support division decision making process.

Jul 2002Oct 2006

Director of Market and Product Development


Operating Committee team member and managed 20 associates internationally  dispersed.

·  Created Market Commercialization process that generated $20 million in incremental revenue.

·Led the strategic direction planning process, which resulted in the development of new products and identification of acquisition candidates.

·Prioritized key account objectives resulting in 25% increase in sales close rate.

·Led the strategic product integration of a major acquisition ensuring $20 million in continued sales.

Jan 2000Jul 2002

Director of Marketing and Sales

Applied Industrial Technologies

Executive team member and managed 25 associates geographically dispersed.

·Created the division’s first all fluid power catalog increased fluid power sales by $5 million per year.

·Led the development of innovative sales sheets that increased gross margin dollars by 19%.

·Developed the pricing segmentation policy to increasing margins 3 % in 2 years.

Jan 1997Jan 2000

Market Manager


Increased market penetration of hydraulic and pneumatic clutches and brakes sold into key markets.Introduced products and services from international suppliers into the US market.

·Metalworking marketing plan increased sales 10% in one year.

·Negotiated 15% lower purchasing cost from Italian supplier.

·Focused sales force efforts by introducing market segmentation principles.

Jan 1990Jan 1997

Product Manager


Managed the activities of engineers and technicians. Directed sales, marketing and manufacturing.

·Increased market share from 10% to 45% in 5 years.

·Product line was broadened 50% to reach new market segments.

·Grew new products sales from $25,000 to $5 million over a 7- year period.



Cleveland State University


Baldwin Wallace College


Sales Leadership
Business Development
Marketing Leadership