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Testing and Commissioning of Power systems

Strategic Management   -          Supervised and directed over 8 employees on Testing and Commissioning of electrical distribution systems at various plants. 

Detailed Engineering of Power system design Using AUTO CAD

AutoCAD Software Utilization Produced drawings and maintained, archived and retrieved CAD files and drawing documents for the completion engineering projects

Project Execution and Management.

Project Management -          Supervised project Execution efforts to ensure projects were completed to company standards, on time and as per standards. Presentations -          Created presentation materials for client quarries, discussions and explain the theme of project management purposes. Project Coordination   -          Provided drafting and project set-up support to the communications staff, creating drawings for new engineering projects. 


-          Carrying Power System Studies, analysis recommendations Using ETAP 7.5.0 and lower versions.   -          Modeling of Electrical Power system Distribution in ETAP.   -          Performing Short Circuit Study Simulations.   -          Performing Flow Study Simulations.   -          Performing Transient Stability Study Simulations.     -          Performing Motor Starting Analysis Simulations. 

Work experience

Work experience
Dec 2012 - Present


Al Masaood Bergum

Working closely with civil engineers, architects, engineering technicians and IT staff to ensure projects are delivered on time and within budget. Responsible for estimating material, construction, and project timescales.


-Execution of job in coordination with client & architect / consultant.

-Job Supervision of all internal electrical works.

-Subcontract works review includes–HVAC system, Fire alarm, Fire Fighting works, structured cabling/IT network system, CCTV, Access control system and Public Address System.

-Notification of variation works or deviation of Contract scope .Preparing the estimate for the additional works. 

-Review and finalization of method statement, risk assessments for electrical works, HVAC, Fire alarm and fire fighting system, structured cabling works.

-Obtaining the necessary approvals  from civil defense ,coordinating for inspection clearance of  building passive protection, active detection and protection system covered by Fire alarm /Fire fighting system , evacuation route plan/signage, access provisions  for emergency services , occupancy criteria etc.

-Completion of projects in coordination with other departments, outside agencies, contractors and consultants.

-Maintained effective working relationships with field crews, contractors, vendors, government infrastructure departments.

-Trouble shooting.

-Supervision and execution of  External Electrical Works like Cable trench, Cable Tray work ,LV cabling, MDB,SMDB installation, commissioning

-Supervision and Coordination of Data/Telephone/CCTV/SMATV/Access Control system/ PAC  works.

Mar 2010 - Dec 2012

Electrical Engineer

Power - Linker

Duties In Power System Studies and Analysis:

-Carrying Power System Studies, analysis recommendations Using ETAP 7.5.0 and lower versions.

-Modeling of Electrical Power system Distribution in ETAP.

-Performing Short Circuit Study Simulations.

-Performing Flow Study Simulations.

-Performing Transient Stability Study Simulations.

-Performing Motor Starting Analysis Simulations.

Duties In Power System Design:

-Design of Motor control Centers, Local Control Stations, Master Control stations, and Basics Of detailed engineering.

-Scheme Checking and scheme Modifications according to the customer requirement.

-Preparations of schedules, with selection of cables, selection of cores and type of cables to be used etc,,

-Cable schedules for Power cables, control cables, interconnection details.

-Programmable logic control (PLC), Remote I/O (RIO) Panel cable schedules.

-PLC Schedules were prepared for AREVA, ROCKWELL AUTOMATION, and SIMENS Schemes with design of LOCAL CONTROL STATIONS.

-Cable schedule and Hook up drawings for Instrumentation and Instrumentation interconnection schedules.

Duties In Power System commissioning:

-Pre Commissioning- and commissioning of 220,132 33, 11, 6.6KV to 415 V electrical systems.

-Component testing of CT, VT, Transformer, Circuit breakers, Backup relays, Protection relays and Auxiliary relays.

-DC Scheme checking of Control, Relay, Busbar, AVR protection panels.

-Testing and Scheme checking of Control (LCC), Relay panels CRP), Bus-bar protection and AVR panels.

-TCS and TSS Scheme checks.

-Primary injection of CT.

-Secondary Injection of VT.

-Energy Meter Power flow checks.

-Trip coil current measurement checks.

-Busbar Protection Sensitivity, Stability checks.

-Alarm and indication circuit's checks.

-Trip logic scheme checks.

-Breaker failure protection scheme checks.

-Switch board to switch board interlocking schemes.

-Transformer, Load Break Switch Interlocking schemes.

-Interlock scheme checks. And Preparation according to customer needs.

-HV, LV & LVAC - REF Sensitivity and Stability checks.

-Testing of Earth mat resistance, step & touch potential.

-Preparation of Pre-commissioning check lists, test reports, as built drawings,

-Cable schedules, scheme modification and detailed commissioning 


Aug 2006 - Mar 2010



85 % (First Class with Distinction),