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Darrell Geusz

Identity and Security Subject Matter Expert

Work experience


Director of Consulting Group / Identity SME

Ipsiti, Inc.
  • Served as Identity SME, Solutions Architect and Technical Policy Advisor for UNDP, NATO, US House of Representatives, US Dept. of State, US Coast Guard, National Sheriffs' Association, DHS Emergency Services Sector Coordinating Council (ESSCC), Government of Mexico, and City and County of San Francisco
  • Identity, Credentialing, and Access Management (ICAM) solutions for national ID, voter registration, driver licensing, integrated border management, trusted traveler, intelligence, emergency management, law enforcement, employee and visitor credentialing, and physical and logical access control.
  • Served as Agile Product Owner in the establishment of an identity solutions practice for a US government services company, providing a vision, architecture and roadmap for a flagship ICAM framework and suite of applications built using Agile, Lean and Kanban principles. During the first three years of software availability, the identity framework and suite resulted in more than $25 million in revenues and was certified for operating on classified military networks.
  • Co-inventor of patented software trust network used by States of Mississippi and Louisiana and local partner in Colombia as an authorization service (SaaS) for thousands of organizations of all sizes including dozens of Fortune 500 companies such as Chevron, Lowes, CVS, Cardinal Health, and Wal-Mart.

Director of Business Development / Identity SME

BIO-key International
  • Built an international partner program from scratch, including for multiple authentication products, and introduced BIO-key into the large-scale ID marketplace.
  • Instrumental in forging a partnership with MorphoTrack to fuse both companies' technologies to ensure the win of the FBI NGI program.
  • Served as Identity SME and Solutions Architect for 1) the Nigerian Voter Registration program where 40+ million people were registered in 30 days by 45,000 operators using 16,000+ mobile systems (smart card + fingerprint enterprise logon); and 2) the Bangladeshi Voter Registration and National ID program where 80+ million people were registered and credentialed in 11 months by 98,000+ operators using 12,000+ mobile systems (username + password + fingerprint enterprise logon) with oversight by UNDP, US Aid and 27 donor nations (declared by UNDP as “winner of the Nobel prize in voter registration” and UK DFID declared “the potential missing in the final voter roll…[as] less than 1%.”).

Consultant: Biometrics SME

TBS Biometrics
  • Provided key design, marketing and management expertise for the final development phases of the world’s first production-grade, touchless, 3D fingerprint system (Surround Imager)
  • Coordinated, led, wrote and won a $3.6 million federal grant from the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) to build the first fast-capture, roll-equivalent 10-print live scan system (Segment Imager).

Consultant: Identity SME

ARINC, CSC, NGIT, BearingPoint and Daon

Instrumental in several programs sponsored by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) including US-VISIT, the Transportation Worker ID Credential (TWIC), Registered Traveler (RT) and HAZPRINT programs. Highlights include:

  • Implemented TSA TWIC production center in Corbin, KY managing six engineers. Served on TWIC standards committee.
  • Identity SME for the US VISIT Air Exit pilot program that established self-service kiosks at select US Category X airports.
  • Product manager for the world's first ICAM software (SaaS) and hardware solution optimized for the transportation industry (99.999% uptime). The system supports all phases of the identity life-cycle plus dual interface smart cards, multiple biometrics, criminal history checks, real-time risk assessment, adjudication and intelligent fusion of results. An industry-first built on SOA, MS .NET®, J2EE and Oracle® 9i. Served as the foundation for the CLEAR registered traveler program and the world’s first tri-biometric national ID / visitor system in Jordan.

Senior Product Manager

BioLink Technologies
  • Implemented Pragmatic Marketing processes to manage product life cycles for 1) multiple deployed commercial logical access control (authentication) products; and 2) a high-speed, embedded fingerprint matcher (AVS) using BlackFin processors operating in a highly-parallel processing architecture.
  • Instrumental in the success of one of the world’s largest biometric enrollments to date for the Country of Nigeria, where 60 million voters were registered in an automated system (AFIS) within 40 days.
  • Logical access products were deployed at multiple customers including a landmark implementation by the City of Chicago serving five thousand users and replacing passwords with fingerprint logon.

Product Manager

ISC/US, Inc.
  • Perform or oversee all duties relating to conception, design, research & development for finger imaging & authentication products and services (commercial & law enforcement). Primary focus is on the research, analysis and integration/embedding of biometric, PKI, web server, encryption, compression, storage and transmission technologies.
  • Designed, performed and oversaw a product testing plan for the company’s FBI’s IQS Appendix F self-certification for the FingerMap 3D (the world’s first touchless 3-dimensional fingerprint imager).
  • Prepared product innovation strategies (including product changes and enhancements along with marketing research) for RF ID and digital broadband radio direction finding products.

Director, Law Enforcement Solutions

Cross Match
  • Oversaw the entire business process for the design, development and delivery of law enforcement solutions. Placed in charge of several high-profile government accounts acting as a Project Manager.
  • Authored Cross Match’s first business plan instrumental in growing Cross Match to a $100M+ business after 9/11. Worked closely with attorneys and investors for securing private capital.
  • Directly responsible for developing detailed, statistical hardware & software testing procedures, including for FBI EBTS IQS Appendix F/G.
  • Secured significant US INS contract for all ports of entry (became US-VISIT contract and is now CBP OBIM contract).

International Product Manager

Authentec (now a part of Apple)
  • Performed market analysis, international and domestic product management, marketing, and training for software and hardware.
  • Created, established and oversaw a complete partner program that included literature, applications and agreements that defined the professional relationship between manufacturer (Harris) and embedded customers (OEM) or resellers (VARs).
  • Had daily interaction with VARs / OEMs that have international presence with an average program size of $5 to $15 million dollars. Supported a pipeline of $147 million dollars worth of product.
  • Closely involved with the statistical study of the image comparison algorithms and helped legal council craft the original patents.

Computer Networking / IT


Worked in the computer networking and information technology industry. Details available upon request.



Wabash College

Major: Physics     Minor: Mathematics and Music


Systems and methods for establishing trust between entities in support of transactions.  Issued October 2013.  US Patent: 8549622