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A highly technical energized information technology professional is looking for position with an organization that can use my talents and technical expertise. Preferably Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington metropolitan area.


A technical business visionary and experienced technology officer, Darin Fredde has a passion for forward-focused technical transformation in innovating and automating enterprises. A 20-year technical industry veteran, Darin has multiple certifications - Cisco CCNA, CompTIA Network+, Security+, Microsoft Certified System Engineer, and Microsoft Certified Professional.  Darin has leveraged technology advancing companies by effectively managing technical knowledge, and infrastructure. Darin has held executive positions focused on technical issues within an organization. He has held other titles acting as the senior-most technologist in an organization. During his tenure in the technology field he has held and performed in multiple disciplines. Darin has broad and deep hands on technical knowledge and can actually do the work. He has overseen technical staff at companies particularly those engaged in the development of networking technologies, information technology, software development and strategic planning. 

Darin is an intrinsic self-motivated individual that eats sleeps and breaths technology. Darin has abilities and skills in a variety of fields and subjects aggregated with a hands on approach to complex technical problem solving. He is an individual characterized by strong work ethic, quick ingenuity and considerable energy for finding quick solutions.  An inventive out of the box thinker that can creatively move most subjects beyond the normal boundaries.  The ability to play the pied piper while juggling multiple deadlines, enthusiastically eating deadline pressure for breakfast. Darin has a talent for providing technology solutions while integrating hardware, software, network and people.

Work experience


IT Manager

Christian Community Action (CCA)

Responsible for long-term strategic information technology planning, including the day-to-day operations, providing comprehensive solutions for integrating hardware, software, network and people to support the primary mission. Provide technology leadership, developing, and implementing architecture to support family assistance, resale/distribution center, adult health center, clinic food pantry, housing, seasonal programs, counseling, and vocational /education training.

Selected Accomplishments:

  • VPN Site-to-Site Network Design
  • Telecommunication and Network Implementation for (POS) Retail Site Implementation
  • Redesigned existing Active Directory Network and consolidated six domains.
  • Reorganized the network for unified communication including authoring a document to secure Cisco donation in equipment with a retail value of $20,000 including 5yr support. All work for the project included a Cisco Smart Business Design. The organization can order 20k of retail value equipment each year costing no more than $2000.
  • Led the implementation for non-profit successfully integrating a suite of applications for Health Care Center for (EMR) Electronic Medical Records and (PM) Practice Management solution involving scheduling, medical history custom modifications to accommodate existing in-house prosperity family assistance suite of applications. Designed and launched the training for clinics, optimized training documentation prior to go-live and designed custom modifications to accommodate special needs for HL7, EDI interface, device integrations, tasks management, and e-prescribing and patient research tools. The accomplished by implementing and integrating Soapware modules to provide the core functionality for multi-location exchange for lab results, and electronic record sharing.
Aug 2002Feb 2009

Vice President and Chief Technology Officer

Andrews Transport LLC.

The Chief Technology Officer (CTO) qualifications include providing technology leadership for developing, architecting and implementing network information technology initiatives that improve cost effectiveness, service quality, and business development in a constantly changing, competitive marketplace. As the senior most technical member of the team, responsibilities include network planning and implementing enterprise information systems to support both distribute and centralized virtual data transport and businesses operations support. This position included "hands on" strategic and tactical planning, development, evaluation and coordination of the information technology network and systems for the Andrews enterprise network. Additional responsibilities include the management of multiple networks and communications systems and projects, including voice, data, imaging and office automation. The Chief Technology Officer analyzed, designed, created and supervised the building of multiple layers of the network architecture. As the senior network engineer the work included strong understanding of security, Cisco routers and switches, information systems and network configuration for corporate architecture as well as data communications routing protocols.

  • Architect multiple enterprise solutions for mobile services on variety of devices using aggregated mobile networks to deliver one low cost over-the-air (OTA) software management system.
  • Developed custom services platforms using Citrix platforms to transform the delivery over broadband network designs and wireless deployments for network expansion points reaching rural areas.
  • Citrix or VPN, VLANs, encrypted portals including monitoring systems for administration and field equipment support by training and providing hands-on support when necessary
  •  ServiceDesk Plus datacenter (LAN) rollout was a custom installation using ITLMv3 procedures, practices and change management programs.
  • Broad, in depth experience and knowledge with Microsoft Active Directory, DNS, Exchange, Citrix, Windows Server Environments, Telecommunication, and Group Policies.
  • Architect and engineered shared services platforms for nationwide IP network VPN telecommunication network to include network and security designs and updates using CISCO PIX firewalls and VPN router connections.
  • Built architecture and systems for Network Operation Center (NMS and control center for monitoring network elements including: telematics, GPS fleet movements, SOHO, Data Center, and Voice network.

Director of OSS


Clearwire Corporation is a high-speed wireless Internet service provider for consumers and businesses.  Recruited as the senior network engineer by Clearwire Inc. prior and post the initial public offering, the position responsibilities was to build the first back office version of integrated application to support the future nationwide 4G mobile Internet wireless network and network operations center.  In addition to back office systems project the best-in-class model was to be fully integrated with a suite of application and establish the network support teams and Internet wireless access options using the private 2.5 GHz. spectrum. The network engineer qualifications include cohesively working with management to build and develop the network layers connecting back office information technology support applications. In addition to the design management additional responsibilities involved participating in cross-functional teams to establish the Network Operation Center (NOC) and the Customer Care in Dallas, Texas.  Later the company was sold.  The strategic investors now include Intel Capital, Comcast, Sprint, Google, Time Warner Cable, and Bright House Networks.

Selected Accomplishments:

  • Order to Cash Product Development Team (PDT) Award
  • Designed Operation System Support (OSS/BSS) for Network Operation Center (NOC) and Customer Care
  • Crafted technology plan to purchase and implement a turnkey Enterprise Resource Plan (ERP) systems
  • Provided global team leadership for overall network/applications design, administration and develop for the Network Operation Center (NOC)
  • Developed and implemented the strategy to integrate OE/OM/Billing, Oracle Financials, Remedy, and the Network Monitoring System (NMS)
  • Order to Cash project software engineer responsible for software development using Radix OE/OM SQL billing system
  • Provided technical support for approximately 150 corporate users along with help desk supervisor
  • Provided system and network management support of systems engineering software development and integration for Oracle, Radix billing system, Remedy, NetVoyant, SNMPc, Comptax21, SNMP, QOS, VLANS, SPT, MRTG, SSH, What’s Up Gold, and Open source
  • Devised strategy to complete and migrate exiting core routers and CPE equipment running static router/VPN/RIP2 to OSPF hierarchical deign platform
  • Determined implementation strategy and technology that would achieve real-time, online payment transactions through Payment Tec
  • Managed and developed plan to implement Oracle Financials
  • Provided testing for migration assisted in the corporate move from Arlington to Dallas, involving the company’s network infrastructure
  • Managed vendor selection and software purchases

Director of Technical Support

BroadbandNow Inc. (acquired by Ygnition Networks)

As the senior network technical support engineer qualifications include reengineering technical support services network monitoring managing an end-to-end basis, 24 hours a day, seven days a week from our network operations center (NOC) in Dallas, Texas. Responsibilities include “hands on” approach supporting intelligent routing on existing network to carry subscriber content requests and fulfillment across network.  The network scaled to OC-48 and later installed 47 POPs, serving 48 markets, covering 18,000 routed miles at the end of 2000.  The work involved a number of quality hardware vendors through strategic affiliations with Adaptive Broadband, Lucent Technologies and Nortel Networks, to deliver customized network solutions ensuring consistent quality and interoperability between private, national network infrastructure and the multiple broadband access technologies used to provide the "last mile" access that connected subscribers' premises to the POP.  I(3)S, Inc. the original name was a leader in providing broadband Internet access solutions and content.  I(3)S, Inc. was renamed pre-IPO to BroadbandNow.  BroadbandNow offered a suite of high-speed, high-bandwidth Internet and customized broadband content services and applications.  The company provided data service to subscribers via private, national Internet network managing end-to-end.  BroadbandNow utilized multiple broadband access technologies, including cable modem, xDSL, Ethernet and wireless to connect subscribers directly to network. Technical Support provided support for establishing partnering agreements with utility companies, such as Northern States Power, Seren Innovations, property managers and owners and real estate investment trusts, or REITS, such as Archstone Communities, AvalonBay, Camden property and Forest City Residential; and private cable operators, or PCOs such as Direct Digital Communications, Global Interactive and GTE media Ventures.  Through partnering the company executed master service agreements with service partners that cover approximately 600,000 potential passing’s and obtained approximately 2,300 broadband subscribers using the BroadbandNow service from the approximately 39,000 passing’s constructed at that time.  Lucent Technologies and Nortel Networks were investors in the company with a combined equity investment of $30 million.  The company was later sold to Ygnition Networks.

  • Governed a large staff of engineers with primary responsibilities for management of the technical support division and partner management for a national ISP network providing Broadband Internet services to small business, SOHO's, Utility Companies, cable companies and MDUs.
  • Pre and Post sales support for partners that include but not limited to: Allegheny Power, Seren Innovations, TXU, Co Serve, En-touch Online, USA Online, Archstone, Optel, Castle Cable and Avalon Bay.
  • Responsibilities include technical partner liaison and client technical support that included: Tier I, Tier II, Tier II, NOC , Customer Service, Network Field Support, Telesales, platform services support, application support, provisioning and implementation.
  • Supported sales process for BroadbandNow providing a combination of data, video services, mail, web hosting, news, content and applications.
  • Sales presentations and technical demonstrations.
  • Governed post sales, operations and implementation utilizing a self-design engineering process for the high-speed Internet business utilizing wireless, Ethernet, DSL, and cable modem technology and applications support.
  • Key participation in post and presales presentations in a microwave & RF engineering environment.
  • Produce and designed technical proposals and implementation plans.
  • Responsible for technical business objectives to determine partners contractual operational requirements through complete life cycles including project resource, management and technology.
  • Responsible for working with the product-marketing group on future product features and sales presentation materials.
  • Technical liaison to Business Partners to ensure the highest level of operations support(Ecommerce) Monitor all operational targets to goal regarding launching and testing new BBNNOW online markets and services.
  • Technical liaison to Business Partners to ensure the highest level of operations support.
  • Control all activities related to providing quality customer service and technical support for BBNOW related products.
  • Set standards of performance for all levels of customer operations to promote superior technical support and meet established departmental goals.
  • Technical "Hands-on" management
  • As technical lead designed BroadJump Professional Services with third party systems integrator for product development/implementation of self-install model.

Technology Solution Provider

Sprint Enterprise Network Services (formerly Sprint Paranet)

Technical Solution Consultant 1997 – 1999Senior Level Technical Solution Consultant qualifications include providing a complete spectrum of custom-designed solutions including, application design, integration, implementation, and day-to-day management for WAN, LAN, Servers, Internet/Intranets and desktops.  Responsibilities include working on a team of analyst to provide expertise in the successful integration, management and support of network and system components, including network hardware from multiple vendors, collaborative groupware, multiple operating systems, network protocols, client server infrastructures and network security facilities.  Working as part of Sprint’s data line of business the unit consulted past the demarcation to design IT solutions and deliver networks using networking and system components from throughout the industry.

Selected Accomplishments:

  • Golden Eagle Award
  • Baylor Hospital - Layering and scripting applications using SMS installer, automation of Lawson software deployment for 3000 workstations, managed deployment and support of company solution, including Lawson
  • Motorola – Microsoft System Administration
  • I2 Technology - UNIX Y2K assessment, remediation, testing
  • Texas Health Care Resource - Team lead for roll out seventeen thousand user environment with Windows workstations using Zen Works and Ghost multicasting. Implemented of NDS and Microsoft Servers.  Layering application inside Zen Works
  • Caprock – Team lead for roll out of Microsoft workstation using imaging.  Layering application inside of SMS installer for deployment with Microsoft SMS server
  • Benchmark Bank – Cisco frame relay installation and configuration

IT Manager

Teleport Communications Group (acquired by AT&T)

Network Engineer/IT Technical Manager qualifications include advanced application and data (Frame relay, LAN/WAN and Internet) circuits and equipment in the Dallas/Ft. surrounding cities include associated private line (SONET Transmission, Asynchronous Multiplexers, Digital Cross Connects, Channel Banks and Telemetry equipment. Manage the WAN/LAN for five sites. Responsibilities include interfacing with internal and external clients, vendors, other local, long distance telecom, various internal company departments, and implement networking solutions. In addition to networking back office IT responsibilities include “hands on” administration engineering, provisioning, installing, testing, turn up, operations, maintenance, advanced data, for internal IT applications.  In addition the position used (CAD/GIS/CMS) to update engineering, test, circuit records and related vendor documentation.  IT manager qualifications include providing tier 3 support to other IT managers in fifteen cities.  Installed, configured, and maintained WAN/LAN Intranet/Internet, Microsoft/Citrix, ATM, frame relay, Unix, network, routers, switch, terminal servers, channel banks, servers, Unix workstations. Designed and installed the Dallas Nortel Net Manager WAN/LAN for (NOC) monitoring SONET Fiber Optic backbone.

  • Identify issues and opportunities for improvement, gather, analyze and process data, and recommend solutions to base management team and senior leadership staff for consideration and implementation.
  • Assist in administrating total quality management and continuous improvement program.
  • Identifies areas of concern, suggest improvements, and implement plans.
  • Provides feedback to management team.
  • Help monitor and measure the key result areas, customer satisfaction and program's success for central region.
  • Provides technical consulting and support for Internet and Data Service Lines of business.
  • Dallas data support for advanced data (Frame relay, ATM, LAN/WAN and Internet) circuits and equipment in the Dallas/Ft. Worth and surrounding cities area to include associated Private Line (SONET Transmission, Asynchronous Multiplexers, Digital Cross Connects, Channel Banks) and Telemetry equipment.
  • Responsibilities include interface with internal and external clients, vendors, other local and long distance telecom, and various internal company departments to implement networking solutions.
  • Manages personnel in the engineering, provisioning, installing, testing, turn up, operations and maintenance of Advanced Data, Internet and Private Line circuits and associated equipment, maintaining and updating engineering, test and circuit records and related vendor documentation, maintaining spare Data and Internet equipment inventory and related test equipment.
  • Improved underdeveloped area with clear and concise documentation.
  • Designed and installed Nortel Net Manager WAN/LAN for monitoring SONET Fiber Optic backbone equipment for our all lines of business.
  • Design support for ATM Demo tour for trade show.
  • Two Action Awards for MIS participation

Manager of Information Systems

ATC Associates Inc. (Formerly ATEC Assoicates)

The System Engineer/Manager of Information System qualifications include for the computer applications, telecommunications and data center for a self-designed department that included applications for GIS Computer Aided Design (CAD) systems for the Environmental Consulting Group, Geotechnical Engineering and Construction Material Testing disciplines.



(Microsoft Certified Academic Credit Program)

Richland College

(Microsoft Certified Academic Credit Program) MCSE

O.A.S. Occupational Associate Degree of Computer Assisted Design

ATI Technical Training Center
May 2010Present

Master of Information Systems (MIS)

University of Phoenix

BSM Bachelor of Science in Management

University of Phoenix

The Bachelor of Science in Management (BSM) is a professional business degree and skills of general managers with a focus on technology for an organization. The Bachelor of Science in Management degree enhances my skills necessary for improved organizational effectiveness in a dynamic and evolving technical workplace.


AAGS - Associate of Arts in General Studies

Western International University

The Associate of Arts in General Studies (AAGS) is a background of general knowledge, a broad-based business foundation and part of the AAGS designed for education transition easily into bachelor’s degree programs. The AAGS program is a regionally accredited program.



CISCO, COMPTIA, Microsoft, Inquestra