Volunteering and Leadership Positions

• Mentored several technology entrepreneurs in developing countries in the elaboration of their business plan. Obtained first round investment for their business idea. •Core member of IBM's "Virtual Universe Community" - IBM's group dedicate to explore and evangelize the possible uses of Virtual World in a business set. Responsible for media communication in Spain. •Volunteered at the organization of the "Assises nationales du développement durable", a National Forum on sustainability at Lille in 2003. Coordinated workshops and field trips to sustainable experiences •Elected Vice-President of the Photography Society at the University Residence "Colegio Mayor Cisneros" (2002). Responsible for the training of new members and organization of photo expositions and contests. •As captain, led hometown basketball team to the State finals (1995, 1997). Selected by Adidas to participate in its international improvement Campus. Played at the Spanish National League (second division).


I have always had a great interest in Science, Technology and their potential impact in the Economy and Society. It is for this reason that I studied Industrial Engineering. I oriented my professional career towards the field of the management of technology, working at the interface between technology and business. My career goal is to become an expert in the conversion and application of emerging technologies into new viable business ventures.

Work History

Work History
Jun 2006 - Present

SCM Consultant


May 09 – June 09. Ghana (AFRICA)

Selected to participate in IBM’s Corporate Service Corps – Global leadership development program consistingin short-term volunteer assignments in emerging markets to promote economic and community development

·  Defined a 5-years strategy and expansion plan for a medium size printing company

·  Conceived and executed a communication plan to reduce child labour within our clinet's extended Supply Chain

Nov 09 – Current. Madrid -Paris

Supply Chain Management Consultant in a project for the World’s second largest retailer. Developed a new global-reach warehouse replensihment system with an inovative optimization engine.

·Supervised a team of 3 process analysts to ensure the compliance of the application’s workflows with business users’ requirements

·Led all communications with French stakeholders to identify their specific business needs and include them into the application

·Working with mathematicians originated the optimization formula at the core of the application

·Coordinated the roll-out of the pilot application in Spain

June 07 – Oct08. Madrid

Team leader in a technology-based transformation project for a Major Spanish Retailer. Implemented a Master Data Management solution to unify the process of documenting the products sold on its e-commerce platform

·Successfully led a team of 7 people including a SW expert and 6 programmers

·Responsible for all relationships with end-users and system administrators to gather business requirements and define data models

·Managed the integration process between the implemented Master Data Management solution and the e-commerce application

·Elaborated the applications manuals and facilitated the training sessions for end users.

Feb 07 – June07. Madrid

Senior SCM Consultant in a project for a Spanish Apparel Company. Defined the Logistics Strategic Plan and optimized its transportation network.

·Simulated different possible logistics networks and recommended a optimal solution in terms of service, cost and carbon footprint

·Conducted a market research of Spanish transportation market to choose future contractors and establish long-term partnerships

·Led a benchmarking initiative that compared our clients Key Performance Indexes with those of leading apparel companies

Jan. 07 – Oct 07. Madrid -Raleigh (USA)

Strategy and Change project for alphaWorks - IBM’s open innovation platform connecting external technology early adopters with IBM Research Labs – www.alphaworks.ibm.com

·Re-engineered and streamlined the internal workflow of publishing on-line emerging technologies to be evaluated by external users.

·Analyzed alphaWorks value chain and network of internal and external stakeholders to find possible areas of improvement

·Conducted a market research study to identify the characteristics of the average consumer of emerging technologies

·Conceived a conceptual framework -Innovation Value Network- to monitor the behavior of the emerging technology ecosystem

·Elaborated the deck, poster and pitch showcasing the results of the project. Presented them to IBM executives

July 06 - Dec. 2006 Madrid

Defined a new business model and its core processes at a Major National Rail Freight Company

·Analyzed and redesigned former Supply Chain processes to make them suitable for the new business model

·Advocated and demonstrated the adequateness of a Service-Oriented-Architecture technological approach to gain the flexibility and degree of integration required within the new business model.

Sep 2004 - Feb 2006

Business Analyst & Business Consultant


Sep. '05 –Mar. ' 06. Barcelona

Consultant position in a project for a Spanish-Italian Oleo Chemical Group

·Assured a commercial agreement with another company accepting to recycle our client’s reusable byproducts without any cost.

·Generated yearly saving accounting for 3% of total logistics purchases (Budget 3M€).

Jan. '05 - Ago. '05. Paris

Optimized Louis Vuitton’s store building costs within an international team of 8 consultants

·Generated 34% yearly savings on Heat Ventilation Air Conditioning [HVAC] purchases (Budget 1,5M€).

·Developed a Cost Model/Cost Monitoring tool on Excel to control the HVAC cost.

·Collaborated with light designers and architects to come up with a new lighting design with 30% electricity consumption reduction.

·Audited the factories of the potential new lighting suppliers

Sep. '05 - Dec. '05. Madrid

Business Analyst. Participated in a Marketing purchasing project for a German Pharmaceutical Group

·Assured 27% yearly savings of event management and promotional gifts purchases over 1,3M€ annual budget.

·Led the whole purchasing process: collected and analyzed data, identified and evaluated potential suppliers, elaborated RfQ documents, compared offers, negotiated with suppliers and closed contracts.

·Analyzed the existing market conditions of Spanish pharmaceutical sales-research industry to identify possible new



Msc. Industrial Engineering

Universidad Pontificia Comillas - ICAI

Coursework included both technical and business management topics. Majored in Systems Engineering .

Final Thesis: Created a “Sustainable Development Model” using the systems thinking framework.
Oct 2009 - Present


University of Oxford

The one year Oxford MBA programe helped me expand my knowledge and skills in specific business areas such as marketing, finance and operations. 

But even more valuable was the unparallel exposure to the innovative work in centers such as the Institute for Science, Innovation and Society, the Skoll Center for Social Entrepreneurship or the Oxford Institute for the Internet.

Sep 2002 - Jun 2003

Msc. Industrial Engineering

Ecole des Haute Etudes d’ingénieur (HEI)

Awarded an Scholarship to study abroad within the European University Exchange Program (Erasmus Program)

Participated in the construction of a solar car (www.helioscar.com) which finished at 16th position in the World Solar Challenge 2003




Studied and Worked in France for more than 18 months 


TOEFL (104 ITL) FIRST CERTIFICATE. Extensive working experience in English