Franz D Brandtner


Since 1994, financial manager Franz Brandtner has been a leading voice in wealth management for his clients. As the Owner of Brandtner Asset Strategies, Franz Brandtner offers intelligent strategies for wealth creation and preservation, including retirement planning, financial risk analysis, and fund management.Based out of the metropolitan Munich-area, Brandtner Asset Strategies is unlike many other financial planning companies. While most brokerages only show dedication to their affluent clientele, Franz Brandtner’s company is committed to every single one of its clients. To this end, Brandtner Asset Strategies provides each client with the expertise of multiple asset managers to help reduce financial risks.Given the current instability in the global economic climate, Franz Brandtner’s extra commitment to risk management is an important aspect of his company’s success. To help clients cope with the volatile market, Franz Brandtner has developed a unique fund strategy tailored for the special needs of individual investors, families, and private business owners. Above all else, however, Franz Brandtner manages risk by using different risk indices. If they fall out of the tolerated values, the investment will be sold. Generally Franz Brandtners philosophy is, if he would not make a particular investment, neither would he advise his clients to do so.

Work experience

Work experience
Jan 1994 - Present