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A little about myself

In this brief summary, I detail my professional career, some of the companies I worked for. What I did during my passage on Facebook Brazil. Where I studied and the courses I took.

But it is worth mentioning the beginning of my story, I worked in a family business since I was 14.
At the age of 18 I opened my own store, which I took care of for 1 year. Going back to my family company as Manager. I closed the business at age 22 to devote myself more to my studies and looked for opportunities in the job market. I have been surprised by the knowledge I gained and the projects I have created working in the business area.

I hope this brief description is enough to create interest in a partnership or work proposal.


Dexter A. Donnelly



Global Account Manager

DAD Agency

Digital Marketing Agency focused on increasing profitability
We work with E-commerces. Wix, Wordpress, HTML and Design, FR pixel, FB ads, google adwords and Analytics.

Small and Medium Enterprises in Special and Hard Segments to improve ROI.
Outsourcing to Other Agencies with low prices between high number of ads accounts.
Projects for Large Companies, seasonales or year contracts.

Presence in USA; Miami, Fildelfia.
Presence in Brazil; São Paulo and Curitiba.


Oct 2015Present

Account Manager

MiDiATA - Multi Comunicação Digital was a marketing agency that I advised when working on the facebook desktop for small and medium businesses.

After my facebook exit, I received a proposal from the company for a home-office job, which I accepted with great pleasure, we worked together for a year until the agency's activities were closed, in view of the owners partners dedicate themselves to another market segment.

They spent almost 2 full years working with the team, as external advisor through Facebook Go and a year as Account Manager within the agency.

I worked with a great team and learned a lot about intern work dutyes in digital agency.

Reference - Samuel Sant'Ana. - CEO. 

+1(414) 306 0035


Sales Representative


The company Midia.Mobi was a Facebook marketing partner in the Facebook Go project, providing micro, small and medium businesses with a digital marketing advisory through facebook and giving a free month in the content optimization platform provided by the company

I worked by offering its services to the advertising agencies that I served on facebook, thus being a concomitant work to what I already exercised for the social network.

Giving more advantages to the agencies that adhered to the market growth program on facebook.


Marketing Analyst


Facebook has given me a great leap in my career and I train in a professional specialization with a high level of performance.

I have lived with leading professionals and people of high intelligence and competence.

Within the company I have always had the opportunity to suggest improvements besides my functions, to learn and to teach besides my work and to meet people of all the professional and academic areas.

I was responsible for generating media purchase contracts on facebook and guiding my clients towards financial results. In this function my conversion rate was 20%. Making 2 contracts per day with average value of;
R $ 1000.00.

I was able to challenge my aptitudes and learn by doing.

And I was also rewarded for;
Assist with the coaching project for new employees.
To improve the acquisition of Leads through the system of E-mail MKT.
Formulate a more advanced sales funnel in Salesforce.

Attended by ID
[email protected]


Customer Service Executive - Portuguese, Spanish and English.


Executive assistance from Latin American travel agencies and problem solving in other continents.

Spanish, English and Portuguese.

Expedia Network Affiliate


Curses e Workshops

French I - CALEM / UTFPR

German I - CALEM / UTFPR

Elections on Facebook - Politics and Governments on Facebook / 4hrs.

Digital Marketing and Social Networks. -Facebook Academy / 150 Hrs

Conflict Resolution and Leadership Workshop - USCS / 15hrs

Employability and Life Project Workshop - USCS / 15hrs

Social Entrepreneurship - USCS / 15hrs


I have worked helping the growth of more than 250 companies throughout my digital marketing career, I do not have a job more important than the others, but I like to present my first cases of success.


UAKARI Agency Scope. 

Accounts Avantto and Bacio di Latte.

B2B Campaign.

Product: Flight packages on shared aircraft, helicopters and private jets.

I delivered a segmentation project focused on trainees for more than 10 years in the areas of International Relations and Comex, formed by universities Mackenzie, USP, FGV and PUC.
They had checked in next to heliports in SP, RJ and Santos.

It instructs the creation of a website for capture of registrations and Remarketing, generating a short and long term success.

Bacio di Latte

I coordinated the installation of the branch map on the main page of the page.
And the creation of targeted ads in the surrounding locations in each branch.
Soon followers of the page knew where the nearest Bacio di Latte was.

Stânix - Independent writer. Eder Traskini.

Launch of the first book of the author Eder Traskini, aiming to sell the copies on in order to renew the contract with the publisher.
In less than a week all copies had been sold

Going out in newspapers as the newest Brazilian literary discovery. .

Eder has received new contract proposals and has released his second book.