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Marketing and Sales Professional / Brand Management


Well-rounded senior marketing & sales manager with a strong record of 10+ years of contributions in marketing, sales, promotions, and brand management of B2C and B2B goods/services. History of effective interaction and relationship management with consumers, sales teams, creative agencies, and multifunctional project innovative thinker with strong analytical and critical-thinking skills.


  • Creative marketing planning and execution ability to envision innovative and effective sales and marketing programs and then develop strategies and follow through on all ensure successful implementation.
  • Strategic sales proficient in all stages of the sales process, talent for homing in on buyer’s real motivations, proven ability to develop new business and to build and maintain positive customer relationships.
  • Business analysis outstanding market analysis acumen with foresight to anticipate and profit from emerging market trends, leading businesses to build on success year over year, well into the future.

Work experience

Aug 2008Present

Senior Manager, Sales and Marketing


Professional Experience


(Datalink is India's Largest and Pioneer in Print Consumables and Computer Accessories under brand name ProDot. Company is a well-channelled group throughout India with over 500 PLUS Distributors and 5000 PLUS Dealers, with over 4 crore sale/M.)

Senior Manager, Sales and Marketing                                                                                             08/2009 - Present

  • Marketing mix Sales & communication Training Branding Business analysis Recruiting

Promoted as a senior manager after completing two years with company. Drove marketing strategy and programs for all product lines totalling Rs.4 crore sales. Coordinated the efforts of design, product development, manufacturing, and other departments to deliver products for seasonal deadlines. Also directed the development of sales brochures and marketing materials, developed and gave sales-force presentations on seasonal product lines, and managed national sales meetings for upper management and national sales organisation.

Ø      Key Accomplishments

  • Boosted profit margins from 80% to 200% through secondary sales for distributors to generate primary sales as a marketing support. We doubled sales revenue to more than 4 crore within 2 years, delivering the firm's highest-ever sales gain in its 22-year history.
  • After analysing market, key distributors and corporate, identified growth opportunity and then created and launched marketing mix with key and high end distributors. Increased brand segment sales 200% - 2.5 crore to 4+ crore.
  • Dramatically boosted brand visibility among distributors, dealers and corporate all over India, won best visible brand in India. Managed production of printed materials for packaging, point-of-purchase, advertising, publicity, trade shows, and product support; contributed to design and content of corporate web site. Effectively managed time, resources, and project details-never missed a deadline. Brought innovative graphic designs and concepts to static marketing campaign, introduced use of photography for the first time in product's history, developed strong relationships with T.V channels, newspaper and advertising account executives that resulted in beneficial treatment.
  • Motivated and trained staff to surpass sales and marketing goals by focusing on customer service, interdepartmental communications, and quick, efficient responses to inquires.
  • Recruited, trained, and managed a top-notch team. Developed innovative training and sales tools that supported a resourceful staff and resulted in high levels of customer satisfaction. Played a significant role in planning, organizing, and managing entire operation. Successfully instilled a customer-service focus and encouraged education and independent decision-making by staff. As a result, increased staff and customer satisfaction and reduced turnover (in a typically high-turnover industry).
  • Worked closely with production, packaging and design team to reduce monthly product complaints; created and executed new design of product packaging along with atomization of production process. As a result complaints were reduced from 1.5% to .2%.
  • Conducted region-wide distributor evaluations, identifying opportunities for improvement and initiating individualized training, monitoring, and motivational programs to ensure performance to goals.

Manager, Branding and Training                                                                                                       12/2007 - 08/2009

  • Branding Advertisings Trade shows Franchise shows Product and communication Training

Recruited to spur business growth through effective leadership of the company's branding, marketing, training and public relation initiatives. Created and implemented promotional strategies. Oversaw the development of sales and marketing collateral.

Ø      Key Accomplishments

  • Successfully managed development and execution of all marketing collateral; cultivated and oversaw vendor relationships (graphic designers, writers, printers); produced promotional materials, including flyers, feature-product documents, and company and client newsletters.
  • Served as Brand manager, provided product training; developed and communicated effective sales strategies; maintained close communication to ensure focus on our products among lines promoted by these multivendor representatives.
  • Designed and delivered a real-time performance information system, available electronically to key business teams, for precise analysis and up-to-the-minute customer service. User-friendly system design resulted in a staff and customer satisfaction.
  • Piloted the company's first-ever trade show participation; extremely successful outcome led to participation in India's largest print consumable industry trade show (Delhi, 2011), Seized opportunity to hold group meetings and training sessions with all distributors and retailers.
  • Implemented sales force automation that provides a more efficient and cost-effective method of developing customer contacts and service contracts.

Senior Manager, Sales and Marketing

DV GROUP (Teleone Consumers Product Pvt. Ltd.)

DV GROUP (Teleone Consumers Product Pvt. Ltd.)

(Teleone is an India's largest and leading Tele-shopping Company, dealing in various Tele-shopping, Health, Fitness, and Spiritual Products.)

Senior Manager, Sales and Marketing                                                                                             04/2006 - 11/2007

  • Motivational Training Advertisings Trade shows Product & communication Training Recruiting

I was promoted to lead strategic planning, marketing, and management of company-a diverse blend of trade show programs, health events, co-sponsored activities and television programs.

Create and execute comprehensive marketing plans, Plan, negotiate, radio, direct mail, television commercials, print advertisement and tele-sales. Developed and maintained profit-and-loss statement; analyze sales and tele-leads information to generate maximum impact of advertising and branding.

Ø      Key Accomplishments

  • Dramatically boosted sales and profit through tele-commercials and tele-sales increased sales leads through atomization of tele-sales and resulted staff and customer satisfaction.
  • Tracked sales and tele-commercial data, creating reports for advertising staff that enabled them to increase revenues by selling demographically targeted advertisings.
  • Motivated staff to surpass sales goals by focusing on customer service, interdepartmental communications, and quick, efficient responses to inquires.
  • Attracted new advertisers and increased revenue by creating "bundled" advertising package that allowed advertisers to increase and target coverage while earning volume discounts.
  • Doubled brands' profitability by increasing promotion efficiencies.
  • Established pre-and post- program planning and analysis to ensure marketing and sales efforts were aligned with business goals and delivering results.

DV GROUP (Czar Lifestyle international ltd.)

(CZAR Lifestyles, the market leader of the robotic massage products, offers advanced technology and designs for consumers seeking to incorporate health and wellness into their everyday routine.)

Manager, Training & Marketing communications                                                                         01/2005 - 03/2006

  • Sales Training Daily Events Product Training Recruiting Motivational Training

Challenged to increase product awareness and enhancing communication skills for company's sales and tele-marketing staff. Created and implemented sales pitch, communications, and sales strategies; direct the sales team; and collaborate with customer-service team to ensure a cohesive communication approach.

Ø      Key Accomplishments

  • Implemented internal training programs to build employee skills in diverse areas, including product, sales, communications and business writing.
  • Boosted business retention through trade-show and events; manage all details of events, including pre-and post-marketing.
  • Increased trade-show and events leads and customer traffic by more than 33%, achieved by recruiting and training top notch professional sales team to demonstrate company products in a professional and entertainment format. This initiative contributed to a 30% Sales increase.

ARK Infotel Pvt. Ltd.

ARK Infotel Pvt. Ltd.                                                                                                      2002 - 2004

(ARK Infotel is an integrated International Contact Center providing call center customer services by combining best available technology, processes and people. It is an ISO 9001:2000 certified International Call Center located at Gurgaon, India.)

Manager, Process, voice and accent11/2003 - 12/2004

  • Communication Training Voice & Accent Training MIS Recruiting Motivational Training

Promoted to train and reorganize Vodafone and Wireless Australian process. Developed and delivered sales training and development programs, utilizing cross-functional field and headquarters working relationships to ensure appropriate programming.

Ø      Key Accomplishments

  • Instituted a strong focus on customer satisfaction; became known for providing a high level of service, solid training, and consistent follow-up.
  • Increased Vodafone sales by effective sales and voice training. Ignited a stagnant territory with flat sales by thoroughly analyzing customers and sales activity, rebuilding customer relationships, and diligently following up on all leads generated through tele-sales.

Team Leader, Territory sales09/2002 - 11/2003

  • MIS Report Briefing Induction Training Analyzing agent reports Motivational Training

As team leader, set strategic direction and lead all facets of sales, business development and staff management. Interviewed and trained newly hired CSR. Created and delivered motivation / performance improvement programs for sales representatives, worked in a consultative sales mode to access client needs and provide custom-tailored solutions.

CSR (Customer Service Representative)   02/2002 - 09/2002

Based on sales accomplishments, became the only sales representative in the company to acquire the support of a Customer Service Representative to handle administrative details and allow increased time for prospecting calls and customer contact. 



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