Located in Toronto, Ontario, Devonshire Diamonds Inc. is a premier provider of natural fancy coloured diamonds. Devonshire Diamonds diligently searches out these precious gems in every colour, from champagne diamonds to rare pink and black diamonds, to use in its stunning custom jewelry. In addition to meticulously abiding by the principles of the “4 Cs,”—Carat, Cut, Colour, and Clarity—Devonshire Diamonds also follows an industry trend in recognizing a fifth “C,” Certification.

Devonshire Diamonds places a high priority on having each stone certified by an independent gemological laboratory and values the added assurance it provides for its customers. Possessing more than 50 years of experience in fine diamonds, the team of highly experienced consultants at Devonshire Diamonds works hard to ensure their customers fully understand the diamond purchasing process and maintain a long and rewarding relationship with the company. Once a customer chooses a diamond, the artisans at Devonshire Diamonds study each stone and discuss with the designer the artistic possibilities.

With input from the client, the Devonshire Diamonds design team can transform new or previously owned stones to create unique and extraordinary jewelry. Devonshire Diamonds is a member of Dun & Bradstreet, Inc., the Better Business Bureau, and The Canadian Chamber of Commerce. In June 2011, in partnership with The Canadian Chamber of Commerce, Devonshire Diamonds sponsored a golf tournament at The Club at Bond Head in Ontario. At the event, which included an exhibition from golf pro Jim Nelford, Devonshire Diamonds gave away a 1.66 carat fancy deep yellow-brown natural diamond in a free raffle. 

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Work experience

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