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More Content Syndication & Link Building Article marketing and distribution From time to time I will request that an article be provided for various steps throughout this SEO process. As the authority in your industry, these articles or, content will need to be provided by you. An article is a very good way to submit keyword optimized content. Also, I will distribute the articles that you give me to over 50,000 webmasters, newsletters, ezines and RSS feeds all over the internet. This is a great way to create traffic and links back to your website. see: Press release A professionally written and keyword optimized press release will be prepared. The press release will then be distributed to websites, RSS feeds and print media via’s distribution services. An example of distribution would be Yahoo News,, Feedster,, Excite News, Google News & eMediaWire and more. The effect of a professionally designed press release will be to increase traffic and “inbound links” from “authority websites” thus increasing the “page position” of the website in the SERP’s. (search engine results pages) see:   Additionally, Video Syndication is a great way to build traffic and inbound links and should be utilized as part of a well structured SEO campaign. see:  
SEO Work
Search Engine Optimization Meta tags All websites have “meta tags”. These meta tags tell the search bot your keywords, thus determining where in the “directory index” your website will appear. This is a critical first step in optimizing a website. I will propose what I consider to be the best keywords to use from the keyword research that I will be doing. Additionally, I will “generate the proper meta tags” in an industry accepted format and submit them to you to be installed on the website. Marketing On FaceBook Additionally, I have started messing around with "social media marketing". Facebook is now universally recognized as the premiere Web 2.0 site for online social business networking. From big corporations to home business owners and solo professionals, marketers are flocking to Facebook, looking for a fresh approach to list building and buzz creation. FaceBook allows you to run advertising across their pages. Marketers are able to configure their campaigns by CPC (cost per click) or, CPM (impressions per thousand). FaceBook also has excellent demographics much better than Google AdWords and ten times better than Yahoo. This allows users to market to their exact target market.. Link building Additionally, a campaign of link building will be created using the technique of “social book marking”. A keyword optimized lens will be created. Once the “lens” is complete it will be “tagged and pinged” from other social book marking sites such as,,, and more. The effect will be to increase traffic and “inbound links” from these “authority website” thus increasing the “page position” of the website in the SERP’s. (search engine results pages) Blog posting I will create several “blog comments” and post them on content relevant blogs throughout the internet. Google considers blogs as authority links. When a comment is posted on a blog Google will spider the blog and follow the comment back to your website. This creates an “inbound link” from an authority website to your site. Creation Of Keyword Specific LSI (latent semantic indexing) Optimized Content Pages These are single page websites created around specific brands and optimized for book marking and submission to search engines and directories. see:  
Google AdWords Professional
Google & Yahoo Certified Search Marketing Professional Google and Yahoo pay per click campaign creation. I can design and install a professionally structured Pay-Per-Click campaign for you from start to finish. I like to begin with Google AdWords, and then expand to the Yahoo Search Marketing platform. Where to start? How about an analysis of your organization's goals, are they lead generation, eCommerce Sales, traffic growth, or brand development. Next, lets look at budget, profit margin, competitive analysis, traffic estimates, and most importantly, what can you afford to pay per click? Keyword research I will create a “master keyword list” for this project. This list will be between 3,000 and 10,000 industry specific keywords. The keyword list will be used for The Google AdWords campaign and to determine which keywords are best to use as “meta tags” for the website. More Google Work: Installation Of Google AdWords Conversion Code This will help us track all conversions. This code will include “filters & goals” for conversions. Creation & Configuration Of Google Analytics Account Google Analytics code on every page of the website. Configured with appropriate goals and filters so as to generate website traffic data and metrics every day, month.  

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