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Work experience

MySnip, Inc.

Nov 2015Present

Technical Officer

At Mysnip, my job is to look over and keep the underlying software that is the core of the system. Mysnip is an online booking system for salons, but with a whole other concept of preaching fashion, increasing collaboration and suggesting the right things to the right people. I'm one of the co-founders of this company, and the creator of the software at the core.


Aug 2015Present

Technical Officer

Vaaya is a platform built to help people who are seeking help, especially people in Mental distress. Our goal is to create an anonymity between the patient and the psychiatrist, mainly for the reason that many people are awkward to come out of their shell. That shouldn't be the reason they cannot get the help they need. So, my job is was to create the software and maintain it with strong encryption and privacy. I'm also the cofounder of this company.


Loyola School

Mar 2013Mar 2015

Indian School Certificate

The Indian School Certificate (ISC) examinations are conducted by the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE), for Grade 12 (i.e. 12th year of school). A student usually attempts this examination after first completing the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education in Grade 10, although the completion of a recognized equivalent level of education is normally sufficient. The examination has been designed to provide an evaluation in the field of general education. The exam criteria are in accordance with the recommendations of the Indian New Education Policy of 1986, through the medium of English and also regulated by University of Cambridge.

Loyola School

Mar 2002Mar 2013

Indian Certificate of Secondary Education

The Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) is an examination conducted by the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations, a private, non-governmental board of school education in India, for class 10, i.e., grade 10. It has been designed to provide an examination in a course of general education, in accordance with the recommendations of the New Education Policy 1986 (India), through the medium of English. It was affiliated to French Board of Examination before 1986.



Java was the game-changing language created by James Gosling. And many languages have taken inspiration from it. I have an extensive knowledge of Java.


MySql is the popular database query language. And with PHP it just becomes mandatory to learn it. But nowadays new SQL queries are being created for more powerful databases.


Created by Fabien Potencier and Gregory Pascal, it has been one of the popular PHP frameworks. I have over a year experience with Symfony and most of its popular packages to extend it. It truly is the best.


With PHP came the dynamic nature that was missing in HTML, it is still one of the popular languages that developers still use to create secure and dynamic applications. My three year PHP experience is still a learning curve.


JavaScript was developed by a group amazing developers, and now the 2015 edition of EMACScript was proposed. I happen to be profound with JavaScript and almost all the frameworks built on it, like jQuery, Riot and so on.


HTML is always considered skeleton and CSS the skin. Both are totally dependent upon each other and cannot live apart. With CSS3 many new features were added and it has made more powerful than ever. I have been creating HTML, CSS and JS applications since I was in 7th grade.


The markup language that has changed the world entirely. I have an almost 6 year experience with this language.


A jQuery calendar plugin for creating flexible calendars. Currently at v5.0.1, but v6 has been planned to have a whole new structure and pwerful enough to beat any calendar in the world.


Maven is a inspirational framework built for the web to collect medical data for research in Medical field. Maven can almost as powerful as the phone apps, and it will be open source.