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Devika Jagadeesh

Devika Jagadeesh - Assistant Retail Operations Manager


Focused with a comprehensive knowledge of managing and developing stores and leading staff & sales teams in sectors like clothes, footwear. Commercially aware and highly successful in driving business forward whilst delivering high retail standards, through increasing sales performance, business development and H.R  skills. Proven ability to maximize sales and profitability through excellent service and the effective management of retail space.
Easy going by nature and able to get along with both work colleagues and senior managers, currently looking for a suitable challenging retail managerial position.

Assistant Retail Operations Manager 

Sep 2012Jul 2015

Assistant Retail operations manager - Duties and Key Skills and Competencies

Hasbro Clothing Pvt Ltd


  • Deputizing for the Area Manager, supporting and overseeing shop openings.
  • Overseeing the recruitment of new sales and retail staff.
  • Responsible for training and induction programmes for new staff members.
  • Day to day running and operating of stores.
  • Ensuring a consistently high standard of presentation in all branches.
  • Working closely with visual merchandisers.
  • Maintaining accurate records of all pricing, sales, and activity reports.
  • Controlling shrinkage, wages, write-off, cash control and store expenditure.
  • Marketed the company by organizing fashion shows and special promotional events.
  • Identifying, developing and implementing best practice that increases performance.
  • Knowledge and experience of procurement processes, procedures, and policy setting.


  • Dramatically reduced expenditure by cost cutting across the board.
  • Gained considerable portion of existing market & increased sales turnover by 23%.
  • Implemented changes that increased customer retention by 19 %.
  • Responsible for opening new stores.
  • Experience of budgetary and merchandise management.
  • Consistent at meeting all set sales targets.
  • Brand experience, working within brand guidelines.
  • Producing data and reports for senior management on performance.
  • Helped push the business forward to achieve significant turnover and profitability in 200 stores.


Jul 2010Aug 2012

E Commerce Operation Manager and Ware House Coordinator - Duties

Hasbro Clothing Pvt Ltd

As E Commerce Operation Manager


  • Responsible for site analytic and testing to drive growth for eCommerce KPIs. Used a/b and multivariate testing to drive 15% improvement in site conversion. Improved user engagement through detailed analytic and user testing.
  • Maintained relationships with drop ship vendors through online support, order entry and order fulfillment to include order preferred processing.
  • Responsible for Profit and Loss prevention
  • Developed database directory for Tradus, infibeam, and over 10 other online retailers.
  • Created product information packages for vendors including product descriptions, images and pricing. Ensured all information copy, product and non-product was updated and accurate.
  • Oversaw products offered and merchandising to ensure sales were maximized and orders delivered were accurate. Worked directly with merchants and drop ship vendors to ensure product images are received and uploaded on the site, as well as removed discontinued product lines.
  • Regularly reviewed competitive websites in terms of product range, marketing initiatives including functionality and customer offerings.
  • Organic Online Lead Generation
  • Built relationships with vendors to manage all eCommerce technology partners. Integrated several third party technologies: site search, email marketing, and testing software.

Jun 2007Jun 2010

Retail Coordinator and Purchase Manager for Accessories- Duties

Hasbro Clothing Pvt Ltd

As Retail Coordinator


•    Capable of systematically generating and maintaining database user profiles for all division personnel
•    Hands on experience in assisting with the reporting and distribution of retail sales reports to the Retail Department and outlets
•    Remarkably observant in monitoring, tracking and reporting sales from all retail channels and hiring personnel according to the needs of the company
•    Outstandingly skilled in working out promotional schemes in conjunction with the sellers
•    Exceedingly capable of updating Retail Department web pages on company intranet and internet sites

Merchandise Coordinator
•    Ensured accurate and creative visual presentation
•    Managed inventory through auto stock replenishment
•    Completed standard/specialized reports
•    Effectively depicted the status of the client’s environment
•    Inspired sales through empowerment
•    Negotiated better real estate locations or maintained locations as appropriate Key Accomplishments
•    Conducted successful consumer research of numerous vertical markets
•    Worked closely with the Retail Manager to ensure maximum profits
•    Participated in the formation of corporate policies

Purchase Manager for Accessories


  • Developed supply plans and purchasing directions.
  • Synchronized supply chain activities, coordinating vendors and internal operation departments.
  • Developed and led purchasing department, mentoring its team members.

Market Research Initiatives:

  • Researched market to gather information related to raw materials available as well as substitutes and their costs.
  • Investigated lists of vendors on the market, appropriate for firm and selected optimum for production.
  • Located supply sources on the global market and built sound relationships with vendors and suppliers.
  • Obtained and analyzed delivery and production time for each supply to predict future availability.


  • Represented the firm on the market while purchasing materials. Bargained with suppliers to attain best purchase price.
  • Developed a friendly, professional relationship with suppliers for long term benefit.
  • Documented and maintained records consisting of all purchasing information and details concerning stock of raw-materials.

Dec 2006Jun 2007

Warehouse Coordinator

Hasbro Clothing Pvt Ltd

As Ware House Coordinator


  • Receiving, moving, checking and storing incoming goods.
  • Checking and inspecting goods received and ensuring they are of accurate quantity, type, and also acceptable quality.
  • Helping to ship out over 5000 products every day.
  • Selecting space for storage and arranging for good to be placed in the designated areas.
  • Making sure that all inventory processes are completed on the same day.
  • Welcoming and helping clients who visit the branch.
  • Contacting transport companies and coordinating dispatch and delivery with them.
  • Preparing deliveries for the van drivers.
  • Moving and organizing stock.
  • Supervising the work of junior staff.
  • Ensuring a clean and safe workhouse for staff to work in.
  • Occasionally selling goods over the trade counter, Signing off and replenishing stock.
  • Monitoring stock levels.
  • Moving items through the warehouse from receipt to despatch to customers.
  • Occasionally delivering stock to shops and retail outlets.
  • Accurately updating all data into computer and manual recording systems.


Apr 2001Mar 2004

B A Corporate Secretaryship

Valliammal College for Womens

Financial accounting,Commercial Law,Business Management,Company Law,Corporate accounting,Industrial Law,Business Communication,Statistics,Income Tax and Cost and Management accounting.