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Hostess & Receptionist

Association of Hostess and Receptionist of Sao Paulo
Events, Ceremonial and Protocol, Etiquette, Posture, Public Speaking, Voice andInstrument Training, Mise en Place, Composition Table, Wine Service, Help Desk, Meta and Professional Performance, Professional Makeup. Lecture Theatre Practice and Simulation of a service (a) Host (Hostess)

Work experience

Tour Guide

Teatro Teresa Carreno Cultural complex
  • Tour guide: Greet the customers and guide them to their seats in the different concert halls.

            Also in the Teresa Carreno museum and Back stage of the concert halls I guided the tour providing all                    the history information to the groups of visitors. 

  • Information Cubicle: Help them to find different locations in the Theater,  receive calls, book the seats in the concert halls,  provide information about the different concerts or attractions on the Theater.
  • Door: Greet the customers, check the tickets, organize the people for different events, once concert or event started stay in the door.


Enoteca Fasano Restaurante

  • To schedule the dining reservations for guests in advance and as they arrive at the restaurant.. 
  • Make decisions about where a group will sit in the restaurant.
  • Directing and instructing the dining room personnel on customer needs to ensure customers receive fast and quality service from the moment they arrive.
  • If a person or group of people have special needs or request accommodations, I ensure the group's requirements are met. This may include services needed for small children, as well as for individuals with disabilities or food allergies.
  • Greet guests as they arrive and take them to their seats. Provide a menu and explain specials, and introduce the customers to their server.
  • Inspects and maintains the dining facilities. instructing the buss personnel and waiters, if required to spot cleanliness problems helping to clear tables to facility customer needs.


Julia Gastronomia
Taking orders, serving meals, setting and clearing tables.  I also worked in special events as a hostess dealing with reservations I performed these tasks with great attitude and enthusiasm.



Art Work



Music, Photography,theater, reading about ancient history, traveling, Ayurvedic medicine, meditation, NLP