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Devashish Badlani

Full Stack Software Engineer 2 @ Intuit inc.

Relevant Experience

July 2017present

Software Engineer

  • Moved infrastructure of pre-prod, prod to Kubernetes which reduced the deployment time by 84%.
  • Working with the transactions team of Quickbooks Online on GraphQL backend, React and Redux.
  • Spotlight Award for initiating development of a performance dashboard that does real user monitoring of preproduction & production environment.
Aug 2014Jul 2015

Solution Developer

    • Conceptualized and developed scheduled data retrievers in Java to get performance data from various modules in Adobe, resulting in saving 7 hours of daily manual work and optimizing dashboard service by 60%.
    • Led development of a Web Application, with the use of Java servlets and later enhancing the backend by certain change requests.
    • Awarded for the most interactive User Interface of the Web Application, out of  22 other projects
    Jan 2014Jun 2014

    Software Engineer

    IIT Bombay
    • Developed Python script that uses YOUTUBE API to get the Meta data from the YouTube videos, it helped to get data from more than 30,000 videos at once.
    • Built a Web application that allows user to navigate around hierarchical data with 10 % less page load time.

    Technical Skills

    Programming Languages: Java, Python, JavaScript, Go*, Groovy

    Cloud Technologies: AWS, Heroku, IBM Bluemix, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure

    Frameworks: Python (Django/Flask), Java (Struts/Spring/Hibernate), Javascript (Express.js)

    Relational/Tuple/Columnar/Document Data Store: Oracle DB, MySQL, SQLite, MariaDB, MongoDB, DynamoDB, Cassandra, Redis

    Build Tools & Version Control: Gradle, Maven, Jenkins, Github, Bitbucket

    Other: JIRA, Docker, Kubernetes, Selenium, JUnit, JMeter, Splunk, Eclipse, IntelliJ, GraphQL

    Web Technologies: HTML5, CSS, JSP, PHP, Java Servlet, Spring Boot, Node.js, React, Redux

    Software Development Methodologies: Agile Development (Scrum), Test Driven Development

    Academic Projects

    Fall 2016

    Knock Knock (Skills- Django, Amazon Alexa, AWS Lambda, Intel Edison, Amazon Rekognition API)

    • Developed an IoT application that uses Alexa to check if someone is standing at the door by Facial detection and recognizes faces already in the database. It also does a real-time background check of the person at the door.
    • Features implemented - Auto-email with snapshot of the person at door, Crime statistics reporting based on streets in a region.
    Spring 2016

    Class Attendance Monitoring with Bluetooth (Skills - Django, HTML5, CSS3, Raspberry Pi)

    • Designed a web application on AWS with attendance of the university marked by an Android application.
    • Features implemented - Security with IMEI Number tracking, checkin and checkout, Bluetooth Token-Distribution Server.
    Fall 2015

    Twitter Prototype & Semantic Analysis (Skills - MEAN Stack, Twitter API, Python)

    • Initiated a prototype of Twitter with a feature to interpret public's perception based on a geo-location from a live twitter stream.
    • Features implemented - One to One Messaging, Suggestions Feature (Who to Follow), Sign up for new users.