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I have been a part of school prefect council for 2 years. In course of this time, I have led my team towards achievement of organizational goals.

Innovative Thinker
Innovation is the call of hour. I have 2 years of experiance of being a part of Innovative Marketing Competition, a team event in which we participated with our Remote Control Bag, a bag which moves on remote control and E-Floor, a floor which produces electricity when you walk on it. I along with my team also participated in Social Innovation Relay, a global innovation competition with our GH Scrubber, a device to clean air. In this competition, our team was among the top 10 teams in India.

Managing things is my subject. Talking of my experience, I have acted as Venue Management Head in several school events like Galaxy Bazaar Euphoria, Galaxy Bazaar Fiesta, etc. 


As rightly said, "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.", I too share same views. I believe that an educated person can achieve more than a wealthy person can,as education is wealth. I have always been a topper. Learning new things is my passion. I have been able to maintain consistency in terms of my result scoring 85% + each time.

Basketball player
Basketball is one of my major skill, a passion and a strength too. I have represented my school, S.N.Kansagra at many levels. I have also represented Rajkot City in State Level Basketball Tournaments.

Special Awards

Academic Honours

Sports Honours

HP E-Learning Honours

Other Achievements


Movies and sports have always been my inspiration. Apart from it reading books and business magazines is my hobby. I have played and achieved great success in Basketball, Swimming, Football and Tennis at various levels. I like to hear both Hindi as well as English songs. They always soothes me. The idea of taking up new challenges has always inspired me. I like to take up new and difficult challenges and learning them is fun. Nature is a place which calms and soothes me and makes me experiance a state of trance. I wish to peruse a career in Accountancy as a Chartered Accountant.