Linux professional with 6 years experience in linux administration, system security and support.

Work experience

Work experience

Senior Technical Support Engineer

Dec 2014 - Present
CeX Webuy Entertainment Pvt Ltd.
Configuration of virtual private cloud (VPC) & instances in Amazon Web Services (AWS). Configuration of S3 in AWS for backup and storage. Migration of instances on AWS. Implementation of Icinga2 monitoring system. Configuration of gearman worker for distributed monitoring. Configuration of strongswan for tunnel. Configuration of nginx for site hosting. Bash scripting. Written powershell script for monitoring purpose. Worked on Window 2008 & 2012 servers. Worked on PfSense.

Senior Consultant

Feb 2013 - Oct 2014
Datamatics Global Services Limited
• Configuration of virtual private cloud (VPC), elastic load balancer (ELB) and instances in AWS (Amazon Web Services). • Configuration of S3 in AWS for backup and storage. • Configuration of Apache and Apache Tomcat for deployment of release. • Configuration of servers for migration. • Configuration of MongoDB replication on servers. • Written bash script to monitor disk space of servers and services. • Configuration of cronic to avoid warning mails from servers. • Configuration of nagios monitoring tool to monitor application services and servers. • Configuration of PNP4Nagios.

System Engineer

May 2012 - Feb 2013
Gupshup Technology India Private Limited

Installation and configuration of servers using PXE and Kickstart technology.

Configuration of Apache Tomcat for deployment.

Implementation of access restriction for tomcat manager.

Monitoring of servers using Open NMS.

Technical Executive

Jan 2010 - May 2012
Geodesic Ltd

Installation and configuration of servers using KVM and Xen virtualization technology.

Implementation of RAIDand LVM for better and efficient use of storage on Linux servers.

Deployed kickstart server for automated network installation of server.

Access restriction to servers and its ports using IPtables (Shorewall) technology.

Implementation of different level web access control using Squid web proxy.

Implemented NTOP server for real time network bandwidth monitoring.

Deployed mirror server for package installation in local network.

Implementation of DHCP server for authorized internet access in organization.

Up gradation of servers as per new updates and patches.

Configuration of third party packages using source package.

Configurations of NFS server for centralize file storage.

Configuration of Quota for restricting file system usage on servers.

Apache Web Server authentication using htaccess method.

Configuration of packages using source file.

Configuration of Redmine for project management.

Written bash scripts for automated backup of database.



B.E Computers

May 2006 - Jun 2009
Mumbai Engineering