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  • More than 15 years of extensive IT in the analysis, design and implementation of a variety of complex business systems under various platforms.
  • Strong AWS experience.
  • AWS Certified SysOps Administrator, AWS Certified Solutions Architect (Associate and Professional) and AWS Certified Developer
  • Kubernetes Certified Administrator
  • Well versed in internet architectures, including web, application, and database components such as Apache, Memcached, MySQL
  • Very good experience on Puppet/Ansible Configuration and automation using Ansible Tower/Puppet Master.
  • Extensive knowledge on AWS Products like EC2, S3, VPC, CloudFormation, SSM, Control Tower, Automatic Account vending using AWS service catalog, DMS, EC2 Container, IAM, RDS, Cloud Watch, SQS, SNS, ElastiCache, DirectConnect, Cloud Trail, Auto Scaling and Lambda.
  • Experience of working in Continuous integration and continuous delivery environment using  Git/Codecommit, Code Build, Code Deploy and Code Pipeline.
  • Excellent automation skills in languages such as Python etc.

  • Very good experience of firewalls, NAT and packet filtering (specifically IPtables)

  • Proficiency with application load balancing solutions for scaling and High Availability using Elastic Load Balancer

  • Experience with SANs and NAS including iSCSI, NFS and FC.

  • Foundational knowledge in networking technologies (Layer 2 & 3 switches, TCP/IP, SNMP, etc.)

  • Powerful interpersonal communication skills and the ability to communicate with customers, vendors and partners, and across all levels of the organisation.

  • Flexible to join in on an on-call rotation for escalations in support of our 24x7x365 operation

  • Strong experience in maintaining multiple highly transactional production and development systems under all flavours of Unix environments.
  • Involved in Installations, upgrades, performance tuning, backups/recovery and implementation in Cloud/virtualised environment (OpenStack /AWS / Azure ).
  • Solid Technical Background - Production & Development Implementation and Support.


April 2019

Certified Kubernetes Administrator

Linux Foundation
Aug 2019Aug 2021

Amazon Certified Cloud Practitioner

Amazon Web Services
Oct 2016Oct 2018

Amazon Certified DevOps - Professional

Amazon Web Services
Aug 2016Aug 2018

Amazon Certified Solutions Architect - Professional

Amazon Web Services
June 2016June 2018

Amazon Certified Developer - Associate

Amazon Web Services
Mar 2016Mar 2018

Amazon Certified SysOps Administrator - Associate

Amazon Web Services
Mar 2015Mar 2017

Amazon Certified Solutions Architect - Associate

Amazon Web Services

Oracle Certified Master

Oracle Corporation

Redhat Certified System Engineer


Sun Certified Solaris Administrator

Oracle Corp

Cisco Certified Network Associate


Work experience

Apr 2018Current

DevOps Technical Lead

Direct Line Group - Insurance Company
  • Working as DevOps lead for the biggest project of Direct Line Group
  • Designed and Implemented entire infrastructure for the project including CI/CD
  • Delivered several of other complex projects like Darwin Motor Insurance
  • Designed and implemented an automated workflow for automatic AWS account vending using AWS Step functions
  • Designed and Implemented CI/CD using  Github/AWS Code Build/AWS Code /AWS Code Deploy/AWS Code Pipeline
  • Built CICD pipeline for a legacy application using Gitlab/Jenkins/Nexus/AWS ECS
  • Terraformed entire infrastructure
  • Alertlogic implementation for entire Direct Line Group - including Cloud Defender and Cloud Insight Essentials
  • Transit Gateway implementation to detour Proxy for some business-critical applications.
  • Automated Compliance remediation for Security Operations team
  • Worked closely with Amazon Managed service for operational support of production systems.
  • Wrote many SSM automation documents to standardise the application roll out across 30 AWS accounts.
  • Implemented Azure SSO with AWS for single sign-on.
  • Build AMI build pipeline using Github Actions/Packer/Ansible/Inspec.
  • Helped project to containerise the application and move to Kubernetes
  • Developed Automatic AWS Account vending using Service Catalog/Sceptre/Python Boto3.
  • Wrote many Ansible/Terraform modules so that they can be reused whenever needed
JUL 2017APR 2018

DevOps - AWS - Subject Matter Expert

Vodafone UK
  • Worked as DevOps point of Contact for a Cloudstore Project
  • Designed and Implemented complete infrastructure for the project
  • Deployed Project Infrastructure using AWS Cloudformation Nested Stacks, Ansible, Vault, Consul, Kubernetes, Rancher, AWS EC2, Route53, AWS inspector, EC2 Systems Manager, AWS Load Balancers.
  • Deployed OpenVPN as an entry point to AWS based infrastructure
  • Created Cloudformation templates for different products.
  • Created a standard base AMI for the project using Packer and Ansible.
  • Integrated SSH with AWS IAM.
  • Created POD definitions for Kubernetes POD deployments.
  • Deployed GITLAB, Vault, Consul, Fluentd, Storage Provisioner as Kubernetes PODs.
  • Participated in daily stand up calls, DevOps Planning, Retrospective meetings and other sprint planning meetings.
  • Deployed Concourse CI as a Kubernetes POD.
  • Integrated Vault with Kubernetes so the containers can get the Vault token on the fly when they start and use them to talk with a vault.
  • Designed and automated many small security risks found during a Security assessment. 
JAN-2017JUL 2017

Sr. DevOps Engineer

Motion Pictures Solutions
  • Built an opensource automated VPN solution to route traffic between automatically created environment in AWS.
  • Wrote a Terraform module for VPN solution so the code can be reused whenever needed.
  • Actively worked on a project for a new application involving docker, AWS ECS, Jenkins, GITHUB, Ansible and Terraform.
  • Built compliance monitoring and auditing system for multiple AWS accounts using Elasticsearch, S3, Cloud Watch and Lambda.
  • Built CI/CD Pipeline for one of the major key application using Jenkins, Ansible and GIT.
  • Written a few Ansible playbooks to improve the automation around different applications.
OCT 2016JAN-2017

Sr. DevOps Engineer

Net-A-Porter Group
  • Building, running, monitoring the YOOX NET-A-PORTER web platform.
  • working in a DevOps capacity with Agile development teams to ensure the high availability of YOOX NET-A-PORTER GROUP products.
  • Providing self-provisioning for Linux server builds and software deployments.
  • Looking at new approaches such as IaaS and internal PaaS technologies as a way to simplifying change.
  • Carrying out suitable capacity planning, continuity planning, performance tuning and disaster recovery rehearsals to keep everything ticking along.
May 2016Oct 2016

Sr. DevOps Consultant

Turner Broadcasting Limited - A Timewarner Company
  • Plan, organise, monitor and improve the production, staging and development environment of my clients Infrastructure and migrate to cloud platforms (AWS)
  • Working Closely with Development team to automate entire Application stack deployment using CloudFormation, Ansible, Code Commit and Jenkins.
  • Developed an effective build automation, continuous integration and test environment that reduced integration issues and improved code quality.
  • Creating and running automated nightly build using Jenkins and GIT to discover new produced bugs earlier, reducing bug fixing time from 1-2 days to few hours.
  • Migrated around 50 On-premise servers on to AWS.
  • Designed and Implemented AWS Config rules to bring compliance around AWS resources.
  • Isolated multiple AWS Resources into multiple AWS accounts.
  • Created Cross Account IAM Roles to make administration easy.
  • Deployed Elastic Search cluster with Kibana and integrated it with S3 and CloudTrail to design a system which monitors multiple AWS environments.
  • Created AWS Directory Service domain and integrated it with AWS Route 53 to extend the on premise DNS to AWS Cloud.
  • Written Many AWS Lambda functions using Python to automate many administration related stuff around AWS.
  • Created VPC Peering connections so different VPCs in different AWS accounts can talk to each other.
  • Supporting DBA team as and when needed. 
Sep 2015May 2016

Sr. Consultant

Societe Generale Corporate and Investment Bank
  • Part of  a team which takes care of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery environment to help project teams.

  • Designed a DBaaS solution for automating Oracle database roll outs using AWS/Ansible and Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c.

  • Setup the Jenkins server with AWS Cloud formation build jobs providing a continuous, automated scheduled QA/Dev/Test build environment based on multiple GIT repositories for application deployments.

  • Point of Contact in triage of any build, deployment and testing errors or failures.

  • Designed and implemented web based build automation.

  • Maintained GIT repositories for DevOps environment: automation code and configuration

  • Created automation and deployment templates for relational databases

  • Debugging build failures, coordinating with developers and testers to resolve related issues.

  • Created Machine Images to facilitate automated roll out of applications.

  • Focused on automation integration monitoring and configuration management.

Mar 2015Sep 2015

Sr. Consultant

BUPA UK Business Services
  • Completed load balancing of systems servers and components.
  • Upgraded Peoplesoft Databases from 9i to 12c.
  • Migrated development and test environment to Amazon Web Service/Azure using IaaS.
  • Involved in Physical implementation of Linux Servers, storage structures, high-availability solutions, replication, and disaster recovery solutions.
May 2014Mar 2015

Sr. Consultant

London Metal Exchange
  • Provided Production & Development database support for LME’s trading databases
  • Provided database support for London Metal Exchange’s clearing house database.
  • Supported Trading applications like Informatica, Smart, and CMS
  • Provided inputs in defining database standards and best practices for advanced monitoring and troubleshooting, performance tuning and automation
Jan 2013May 2014

Subject Mater Expert - Linux/Oracle

Societe Generale
  • Assisted in the development of standards appropriate for the environments
  • Provided operational support for the organisation's Linux infrastructure
  • Drove the operational excellence of the implementation process through automation & scripting
  • Supported enterprise strategy and planning activities
  • Supported and offered guidance on design implications on business infrastructure projects
Feb 2012Jan 2013

Sr. Software Engineer

British Sky Broadcasting
  • Innovation of new virtualization and cloud capabilities
  • Provided and implemented detailed technical engineering/architectural designs
  • Engaged and leveraged BSKYB's relationships with strategic suppliers to help resolve problems, demand Innovation, and influence product design to accommodate current and future requirements
  • Coordinated with other technical resources as necessary to provide the appropriate solution
  • Was the lead delivery resource for delivering projects on time and to budget
Aug 2008Feb 2012

Linux Administrator

OpenAnswers Private Limited
  • Supported Linux systems for well-known customers
  • Provided consulting services to OpenAnswer's clients
  • Installed and Configured Linux servers for OA's clients.
  • Designed Disaster Recovery strategy for Linux based infrastructure
Nov 2005Jun 2008

Sr. Software Engineer

Oracle Corporation
  • Set-up a comprehensive Disaster Management and Recovery plan to ensure full and rapid recovery from any disasters
  • Provided support for OS (Unix OS) related issue to Oracle Customers
  • Extensively worked on RAC and CRS (Real Application Cluster) Installation / Administration / Performance issues
  • Played active role in designing of Oracle VM as a product. 
May 2005Nov 2005

Linux Administrator

VipPowerNet INC
  • UNIX system administration and Network administration
  • Provided remote Support to Linux based servers hosted in USA (Texas)
Aug 2004May 2005

Linux Engineer

Hitech Export Pvt. Ltd
  • UNIX system administration and Network administration
  • Maintained Mail / Apache / MySQL / Squid Proxy Server


May 1999Jun 2003

Bachelor Of Engineering

Saurashtra University

Production Engineer