Desyika Purwanti

  • Jalan Ikan Piranha 58 Malang

Cover Letter

Dear Sirs,

 I am writing to express that I am interested working on your company. Here, I enclose my CV for your information. Thank you for taking the time to consider this application and I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.


Yours sincerely

Desyika Purwanti

About me

Currently, I live in Malang and I work as a front officer in a Tour Agent. On some occasion, I can be a tour guide when needed. In my experience of working in the Tour Agent, I have dealt with many people from many countries. Here, I use my English skill to communicate with them. While working in front office I depend on my computer skill.

I am an energetic person that wants to have diverse experiences. I like to try new things, challenges, and eager to learn from others. I also consider myself as an open minded person.  As I sometimes can be moody, I’d like to have a dynamic working environment that helps me grow, with various problems to solve.

In some occasion, my current job requires me to use English and I am willing to learn other languages to enrich my knowledge. I have been quite long time working in hospitality industry as it is my passion. Therefore, I’d like to gain new experiences related to this field because I think hospitality industry in Indonesia is growing.

I am keen to work in a company that has good reputation. I also have lots of ideas, creativity and enthusiasm. I think I would be fit in this position.


I am a person that is interested in new things and challenges. I have huge interest in music, nature and also human society. In my free time I'd like to spend my time in my small garden. 

Work experience

Work experience
Aug 2013 - Present

Front liner and Tour Guide

Bromo Sunrise Adventure Tour

-  Provides all information related to the tourism places in East Java and packages that the company has.

-  Purchase office supplies.

-  Manages accommodation of the tours.

-  Balances the check book.

-  Handles the payment of tours.

-  Guides, explains and takes the responsibilities of the itinerary of tours.

Feb 2011 - Dec 2011

Sales Marketing

PT. Indomarco Prismatama

- Gathers market and customer information.

- Provides information and presents houses to users.

- Acts as a contact to connect users and banks.

- Checks the quantities of goods in stock.

- Manages the payment of purchasing.

- Escorts the potential users to see the houses.

Aug 2010 - Dec 2010


PT. Indomarco Prismatama

-  Responsible for taking money in the form of cash in exchange for goods.

-  Scan items, provides change, balances drawer and processes card transactions.

-  Checks daily cash accounts.

-  Checks the availability for the goods in display and in computer data.


2007 - 2010

High School graduated

Sekolah Menengah Atas Taman Siswa Malang



Communication Skill

Time Management Skill

English Communication Skill

Microsoft Office