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Sometime school teacher, taxi driver, public sector senior executive Australian and New South Wales governments, started his own business - communications consultant - in late 1980s. Discovered multimedia and the world of online communities in the 1990s.Became a business coach in 2002 - via Founding member and for a time member of the Board of Governors, International Association of CoachingStarted blogging 2003, which morphed over time into role of social media strategist for small businesses and freelance professionals. Chairman, Social Media Club Gold Coast. One of the Founders' Group of Social Business One, part of the CustomerThink thought leader community and one of the Top 100 authors on the CustomerThink site. Co-author of LinkedIn for Recruiting. Author of e-book, 7 Step Business Blog (also translated into Mandarin Chinese).Manager, Sales, South Pacific region, for PitchEngine – PR 2.0 social media release platform. More details at LinkedIn

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Des Walsh is a business coach, social media strategist, author, blogger and international speaker

His mission is to be a coach for business owners, entrepreneurs and freelance professionals who are ready to take their business or career to the next level. He specialises in helping them play the "inner game" that separates champions from the rest. And he helps them make effective use of social media. 

A bit of background

Before he went into business for himself over 20 years ago, he already had a range of diverse work experiences, from teaching high school English and History in Australia and England and teaching English in Germany, to being a taxi driver in Sydney and then working his way up the public service from base grade clerk to the senior executive ranks, in the process being responsible for many exciting State and national level projects in education, the arts and public event planning.

In 1988 he set up his communications consultancy and spent the next 14 years on various consulting, research and industry training projects for government agencies, businesses and non-profit organisations, together with an occasional stint as a temporary executive.

Along the way he became increasingly interested in how technology can help us all communicate more effectively, more globally. In the 90s he became fascinated, and involved, with online groups and how they could link people around the world, in real time.


In 2002, wondering what his next challenge was to be, he took a friend's advice, enrolled for a coaching course, discovered he loved it and launched a new phase of his career, as a business coach.

As a coach, he sees his special skill as being attentive listening. Colleagues have told him that the key thing he brings to his coaching is wisdom.

“Des Walsh brings an enormous depth of wisdom and insight to his work with individuals and organisations. He is able to see way beyond boundaries and limitations, with a lifetime of experience enabling him to help you combine big visions, dreams and goals with pragmatic business and lifestyle management.”    Catherine Palin-Brinkworth International speaker, author, consultant, mentor

Des loves the fact that through his coaching he can help business owners grow their businesses and thus create value in myriad ways for their clients, their employees (and employees'  families) and themselves.

Social Media

In 2003 Des started blogging, which subsequently led him into the wider, rapidly expanding world of Web 2.0 and social media. His main blogs currently are at Des Walsh dot Com and Thinking Home Business .

Not being a technologist (at university he majored in History), he has had to learn a lot, quickly, the hard way. One benefit from that is an ability to explain in plain language how social media technology can work for business.

“Des Walsh is, hands down, one of the frontrunners in the digital landscape - nationally and globally. To say 'he knows his stuff' is frankly an understatement. His complementary skill set - that of a coach and social media strategist - gives him the ability to communicate and work with a wide array of clientele, regardless of age, industry or sector." Edward Harran, Attention Philanthropist

To help business owners blog, Des wrote the e-book 7 Step Business Blog, subsequently translated into Mandarin Chinese. With his colleague Bill Vick he co-authored LinkedIn for Recruiting, as well as the audiobook Big Biller.

He is currently developing a range of products and services to help companies develop and implement effective social media strategies. On January 25, he launched his 12 month program of Social Media Roadmap webinars.

Des also manages sales and support in Australia and New Zealand for the social media platform PitchEngine.


With many years of speaking and presenting to small and large groups, Des relishes opportunities to work with like minded people internationally, across industry sectors and geographical and cultural barriers. 

Listed as social media specialist with the prestigious China Global Speakers group.



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2011 - 2011

1968 - 1972


University of Sydney

Work History

Work History


Bill Vick Bill Vick and I co-authored two books focused on recruitment excellence. The first was" LinkedIn for Recruiters" published by Happy About and the second was a self published audio DVD titled" Big Biller" consisting of interviews of the top 1% of successful recruiters detailing how they did what they did to bring them million dollar success. Page7

Assistant Director

New South Wales Premier's Department
Assistant Director, Cultural Activities(now Ministry for the Arts). This was at a time of expanding State government support for the arts and cultural activities, especially in multi-million dollar expansion and re-development of cultural facilities. As well as managing, on a day to day basis, the cultural grants program for a wide rangeofarts and cultural organisations and activities, Page6 I had special responsibility for liaising with the major state cultural institutions, regarding Premier's Department policy and budgetary provision-Art Gallery of NSW, The Australian Museum, Museum of



Project Officer

Australian Schools Commission
Cultural Project Officer Executive Officer to the City Manager Director in the Policy Branch Areas of responsibility included: Implementation of the National Report on the Arts & Education; School- based Decision Making; School and Community; National Education Evaluation Program (Period with the New South Wales Government-see separate entry) Australian Bicentennial Authority-a statutory body under the oversight of the Department of the Prime

Assistant Project Officer

Theatre Board of the Council
Assistant Project Officer(Drama) for the then. Drama Project Officer Page5


S3 Academy.
Strategist from the California-based Before establishing his communicationsconsultancy, Des was a senior executive with the Australian and New South Wales Governments, with policy and program management responsibilities in education, cultural development and major event planning. For clients who need to deal with government, Des is able to help by interpreting the language of government and explaining its processes, which are often opaque to business people

1988 - Present

Executive Leadership Coach

Social Media Strategis at
Executive Leadership Coach| LinkedIn Expert| Digital Disruption Navigator| The Webarts Company Pty Ltd (28 years) At the Webarts Company Pty Ltd-" Webartsco"-established as a communications consultancy, originally under the name Des Walsh & Associates, wehave been providing a range of professional services for companies, government agencies, universities and nonprofits since the mid 1990s. Those services have included communication strategies, industry training projects, policy reviews for government, social media strategies, LinkedIn coaching and executive leadership coaching.
Mar 2005 - Present

Executive Leadership Coach

LinkedIn Expert| Social Media
Executive Leadership Coach| Strategist at dot Com (11 years 2 months) dot Com provides executive leadership coaching, LinkedIn expertise, digital disruption navigation, personal branding with social media, and social media strategy, for the small to medium business sector and professional services companies.
2005 - Present

Marketing Representative

Bloggers Group
from, founded the not for profit 30 Day Linking Blitz in 2012 and the LinkedIn group of the same name, which was then expanded to be the Linking Business Professionals group. Des is well placed to support his executive leader clients in addressing the opportunities and challenges presented by the convergence of the digital economy, social technology tools and culture, mobile, big data, the cloud, and contextual marketing. He trained as a coach with and was a founding member of the International Association of Coaching(IAC): he was also at one time a member of the Board of Governors of IAC. He is a certified
1973 - 1987

Senior Executive At

Social Media Strategis at
Senior Executive at Australian Federal Government (14 years) Over a 14 year period I held a range of positions in various government portfolios. I started my public service career as a" base grade clerk" and went on to fill a number of senior executive positions, mainly in the fields of education, arts and cultural development and major event planning. The two last items in the list below were contract positions, but for practical purposes I operatedjustas I had when a "
1978 - Apr 1982

Assistant Director

Cultural Activities Division, NSW Premier's Department Social Media Strategis at
Assistant Director at (4 years)