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I'm Destiny, my goals for the future include going into the medical field, my decision was aided by events in my life. I plan to get a higher GPA my senior year, graduate go to one of my dream colleges and pursue my dream for the rest of my life. I would love to go Chico because of the location in North California and they have an excellent medical program. Marymount Manhattan is an excellent performing arts school and although in order to go into their medical program you need to be a New York Residence they have an excellent biochemistry department. CSUSM also has an excellent medical program and is close to home. I want to pursue medicine, I can't imagine doing much else because of my family's situation. I'm passionate about music on the side. 


Aug 2012Jun 2016

High School Diploma

Valhalla High school

High School Degree ,skipped 8th grade(went from 7th to freshman year), 2 years of Spanish(skipped 3-4), three years of performing arts (choir), two years performing arts (dance), 4 AP classes, 3.00 cumulative GPA,

Aug 2015Jun 2016

Senior Year

Valhalla High School

Advanced Placement Government and Economics 

Advanced Placement Literature 




Honors Music 

Sep 2014Jun 2015

Junior Year 

Valhalla High School 

Advanced Placement United States History 

Advanced Placement Language and Composition 

Algebra ll 


Honors Spanish 5-6 

Sep 2013Jun 2014

Sophomore Year 

Valhalla High School

 World History




Honors Music

Honors Dance

Spanish 1-2 

Sep 2012Jun 2013

Freshman Year

Valhalla High School 






Physical Education  


Work experience

May 2014Present

Food Champion 

St Mar Enterprise (Taco Bell)

Serve customers, clean and sanitize, apply people skills, aid where applicable.


Mar 2015Present

Sale Representative

CA Clothing

Help customers, stock, clothe. (Currently working two jobs)

Extra-Curricular Activities

  • Following 6 years of choir combined in elementary and middle school, I joined beginning choir later advancing and going into my third year, earning me a performing arts cord. I also took beginning dance, later advancing, with the techniques I learned I took on leadership and choreographed most of the songs for a major choir production. 

Interests and Community Service

I have been in church choir since freshman year at Skyline Church and help out at the daycare available during service  times. I lived on a farm in Mississippi for three months with my father when I was very young, I was born in Las Vegas and lived there until fourth grade, I have sadly never traveled outside of the country. I have volunteered at Animal Shelters. I have modeled on and off just for fun and extra money.