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Andrew is a professional web designer, he is specifically great at designing websites and blogs. He does great with makeovers and anything computer wise, if you have any questions he could probably write a 5 page paper with the answer. Andrew is an HTML pro as well, he can read/write anything you may want, this is specifically great for websites. See him at

Work experience

Design Kid™

The Design Kid™ is a company founded by CEO Andrew Sanders. He started it when a friend asked for a makeover and decided to do it for free. They ended up loving the makeover and Andrew wanted to do this more. He started The Design Kid™ and things just went up from there, he did more blog makeovers and continued to get great reviews.

The Design kid madeover my blog and people commented saying that it looked very original and amazing, thats what it is!~~Anonymous

My buisness has gone of the charts since they did my blog.~~Sam K.