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Desideria Gallegos

Instructional Assistant at High Point Academy


I have been a teacher's assistant since 2008. I have worked with children ages 2 1/2 to 9 year olds. I enjoy working with children. I am patient and respectful. I embrace cultural diversity.I know the importance of a good relationship with the children's families. I work well with co-workers. I accept feedback, it is the best way to grow. I am well organized in my environment. I like to be prepared by follwing the teacher's directions. I am a proud enthusiastic individual. 

Work experience

Mar 2015Jul 2015

Special Education Bus Para

Adams14 Transportation

As a bus para I am responsible for pre tripping the school bus daily. I need to make sure the wheel chair lift is working properly. I need to make sure every emergency exit is in good working condition. I need to make sure we have the first aid kit. I am responsible for keeping up to date with our emergency contact book with the children's information. I am also responsible for behavior manangement with the children on the school bus. Safey is a priority at all times. I also participate in all Profesional Development trainings. 

Jan 2014Feb 2015


Wyatt Academy

As a Kindergarten para I would with classroom management. I would pull small groups daily for literacy intervention. I would also pull children one on one make sure they know the phonic sounds of the alphabet and some math. I would also lead morning group meetings. I would assist with behavior situations and redirect children as much as possible. I would also supervise lunch time with my classroom. I also was responsible for all clerical work and scheduling meetings with parents with the teacher. I also participated in all Professional Development trainings. 

Jun 2011Feb 2012

Teacher's Assistant

Family Star Montessori

As a teacher's assistant I would assist lead teacher's directions. I would arrive in the morning and asssist with breakfast with the children. When breakfast was over I would either assist with clean up or the cleaning and toileting of the children. I would also make sure the classroom is prepared with supplies and materials needed for the children. I would also intervene when conflicts arise with the children. I would also lead music, story time, and dance groups with the children. At the end of the day I would assist with the cleaning of the classroom.

Jul 2010Jan 2011

Teacher Assistant

Hope Montessori

As a teacher's assitant I would follow the lead teacher's directions. I worked in the toddler classroom. The children were 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 years old. I would assist with the supervison of the children. I would intervene if two children were not getting along to prevent any biting. The safety of the children is very important. I would  also assist with story telling, art, and music. I would also assist with the diaper changing. I would supervise the children on the playground and interact with the children. During nap time I would help rub the children's back and help them fall asleep. At the end of day when all the children have gone home I was responsible for cleaning the classroom.

Sep 2008Sep 2010

Teacher Assitant

Garfield Montessori

As a teacher's assistant  I would help supervise the classroom.I would follow the lead teacher's directions. I would assist with the children with thier classroom work. I would also assist with behavior and redirect the children as needed. I also was assigned to prepare for lunch and prepare the children's snack. I would also supervise the children out on the playground and during nap time. During nap time I would do light cleaning and some clearical work. At the end of the day when the ratio was approperiate (1 adult to 10 children) I would do the rest of cleaning sweeping, mopping, laundry, and dishwashing. I would also attend all trainings CPR, First Aid, and Professional Development. 


Jul 2015Present

BA Applied Social Science

CSU-Global Campus

I am very excited to continue my education. I will be doing online classes and earn a degree in Applied Social Science. 

Aug 2002May 2006

High School Diploma

Manual High School