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Work experience

Sep 2008Feb 2009

Cici's Pizza

Cici's Pizza

I cleaned tables, bathrooms, and I also mopped floors. Anytime time i was not doing anything, I would gather any dishes and silverware and take them to the kitchen to be washed. When i first started my shift i would work at the register.



I am interested in things that involve computers,electronics, and sports. To be more specific I like computer programming, computer engineering,  and dealing with electric wires and components to get things working.


Meet my achievement of joining the air force and while in the air force going to college to become a computer engineer.


Computer programming
I have been doing computer programming since I was in 9th grade. The three courses i have completed are Introduction To Computer Science, Honors Computer Programming, Honors  Internet Technology, and I am currently in AP Java Computer Sciencel.