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Free and Open Source Software

Free and Open Source Software is an important part of my life as a developer.

I was a Samba Team member from April 2004 until January 2010, when I maintained and related Samba web sites and infrastructure.

Django was used extensively in my work at Naples Daily News, the Washington Post, and Greenspun Interactive, and during that time I contributed regularly to the community, writing bug reports and patches, and regularly helping in mailing list discussions. I still follow development closely and have some of my own projects using Django, though I don't personally contribute much to the project itself any more.

Samples of my own projects and code include:

  • gravatarlib -- A Python library for working with Gravatar profiles and avatar URLs. (View the code)
  • lpmedic -- Launchpad Bug Medic, a little tool to help triage Launchpad bugs. (View the code)
  • paperlate -- A collection of Django apps useful for building web sites that aggregate content from around the web. paperlate was never turned into much. It powers a fan site I did for Heroes called Heroes Sightings. (View the code)
  • gcli -- A Google command line Interface and pure Python library using Google's now discontinued SOAP search API. Old code, but an interesting tool for fun with cli-based Google searches. (View the code)
  • jsutils -- A JavaScript library written for my Google-drive web development tutorials. Intended to demo JavaScript concepts and not meant to be a real production JavaScript library. (View the code)

About Me

I am a software developer with a love for the web, games, social spaces, new media, and free/open source software.

I am married with two beautiful daughters, ages 9 and 6. I have worked remotely from a small town near Auburn, Alabama since 2006. Outside of work, I love playing music, any kind of game, a good film, and British postmodern fiction.

Awards and Work


I have a broad development background, covering clients, servers, mobile, and the web. I've developed large-scale systems, built iOS apps, written web servers, and designed web UIs. I am also well experienced in development on both Linux/Unix and Mac OS.

My areas of experience and expertise include:

  • Python, JavaScript, PHP, Bash, C, Objective-C
  • SQL, PostgreSQL, MySQL
  • Web service development
  • Django, Zope
  • YUI, jQuery, Dojo
  • Git, Bazaar, Subversion
  • XP, Scrum, and Lean methodologies
  • Unity3d

Work experience

Sep 2009Present

Squad Lead, Cloud Engineering


Cloud Engineering is made up of 6 squads of 4-5 developers each and focused on both maintaining Canonical's internal tools, like Launchpad and Bazaar, and developing new cloud-related products. The squad I manage is one of these squads. My role is part tech lead, part engineering manager. Beyond my own coding responsibilities, I focus on code review, design and implementation discussions, and managing relationships with stakeholders within and without Canonical. I'm most proud of having helped guide my squad into a tight-knit unit with a focus on user interaction, product development, and well-scoped projects.

Apr 2009Sep 2009

Software Engineer, Launchpad


I started my work at Canonical by working on the bugs application in Launchpad. The Launchpad Team was the precursor to the Cloud Engineering Team on which I now work. I worked on a wide variety of issues for the app, learning my way around Launchpad, its code base, and Canonical, before becoming squad lead.

Jun 2008Apr 2009

Senior Programmer

Greenspun Interactive

Greenspun Interactive handles development of online properties for The Las Vegas Sun, The Las Vegas Weekly,, Vegas Deluxe, and more. I was tasked with finding unique ways to deliver our content to users and readers, working on tools and apps for social and mobile platforms. I worked on community-publishing and user-submission tools, web service APIs, Facebook Platform apps, Google Gadgets/OpenSocial, and iPhone app development.

Oct 2006Jun 2008

Lead Developer

The Washington Post Company

I was the lead developer in the newly formed Product Development group. Our group was responsible for creating new features across all properties --,, and Slate -- as well as creating new sites and applications.  I wore many hats while at the Post and, in addition to coding, my work included managing our development process, maintaining and administering our servers and systems, and shepherding ideas from concept to final product.

Moments I'm proud of from my time at the Washington Post include:

  • representing our company as we participated in the Facebook Platform launch
  • working with Google during developer testing of OpenSocial's launch on Orkut
  • developing green living site Sprig in conjunction with the new ventures group
  • launching the first hyper-local web site from the Post, LoudounExtra
  • helping develop and launch onBeing, a documentary web site that was nominated for an Emmy for "New Approaches to News & Documentary Programming"
Jun 2006Oct 2006


I was only with Naples Daily News for a short stint before joining the Post, but while I was there, I worked in the New Media group on database-backed applications for sports, elections, and local guides for churches and real estate.

Jun 2004Jun 2006

Web Developer, Webmaster

Auburn University Libraries

I worked as the primary web developer and webmaster for the collection of sites maintained by the library system at Auburn University.  I developed the main library web site's publishing system, shepherded the site through two redesign implementations, managed Apache and Samba for the libraries, and chaired the 17-member Web Advisory Group.


Spring 2002, Bachelor of Arts

My undergrad degree is in English with a minor in Political Science.

Fall 2002, Uncompleted MA, English

I was a graduate teaching assistant and have 9 hours toward an MA in English.