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To obtain a teaching, ICT, or an administrator position in an international setting that appreciates student centred teaching, values, family, and community service.


  • Certified to teach in Manitoba and Saskatchewan, Canada
  • 22 years of teaching from Pre-K to Grade 12
  • 11 years of overseas experience
  • Head of IT for 6 years at 3 international schools
  • High School Principal in Canada for 4+ years
  • Basketball Coach for 14 years
  • Have taught 20+ different subjects
  • Canadian born (born December 2, 1968)
  • Teaching spouse: Dana Miller-Kitch (French, EAL, Middle School)
  • Born December 2, 1968



Principal and Teacher

Dreambuilders' High School
  • Math (9-12), Social Studies, (9), Careers (9), Graphic Arts (11), Information Processing (10-12), Communication Media (10, 20), Photography (12), Life Transitions (12), Creative Writing (11), Psychology (11, 12), Wellness (10)
  • Principal, Secretary, Guidance Counselor, Registrar, Transportation Coordinator, Supervisor of  Work Transition Program, We Day, Grant Writing
  • Cognitive Coaching & Violent Threat Risk Assessment training
  • Board Co-Chair of Kidzone Daycare, Religious Liaison, Teacher Association Member, Provincial Graduation Rates team member, Collective Bargaining Committee
  • Implemented Google Classroom school-wide
Sep 20112012

Elementary & Middle School Classroom Teacher

St. Alphonsus Elementary School

Science (3, 5), P. E. (3,5), Math (5), Religion (5), Social Studies (3), Social Studies (8)

  • Girls Middle School Basketball Asst. Coach

Head of IT & ITGS Teacher

American International School of Kingston

Information Technology in a Global Society (IB Programme), ICT (10)

  • 1:1 Laptop program; staff training; PowerSchool setup; managed Tech Team; switched to Google Apps as school email system; asset management; long-range planning; curriculum integration, review, and building; Web 2.0 applications

Elementary ICT Teacher

The International School Nido de Aguilas

Information and Communication Technology Teacher (1-5)

  • ICT training and support, PowerSchool: staff training and object report building, tech training for parents, tech planning on behalf of ES, Tech Committee, MS Girls Basketball Head Coach, HS Boys Basketball Asst. Coach, HS Girls Basketball Asst. Coach, Open Lab at Lunchtime, Scratch Game Making Club

Head of IT/IT Teacher

The Overseas School of Colombo

Information Technology (Pre-school, 2-5, 8-10)

  • PYP, MYP (IB Programme)
  • HS Boys Basketball Head Coach, HS Girls Basketball Assistant Coach, The Eye Online Student Magazine, Open Lab at lunchtime, GameMaker After School Activity
2002Apr 2003

PE & Health Teacher

Ecole Swan River South School

Physical Education (1-4, 7, 8), Health (8)

  • School Web Page, MS Girls Basketball Head Coach, MS Boys Volleyball Head Coach, Intramurals

HS Humanities Teacher

Lahore American School

World History (9/10), Global Issues/Community Service (10-12)

  • Student Council Advisor, MS Girls Basketball Head Coach, Peer Tutoring 

IT Teacher/Head of IT

American Creativity Academy for Boys

Head of Information Technology, Information Technology (3-10), Math (9,10)

  • MS Boys Basketball Head Coach, ECIS/MSA Accreditation Committee member

Computer Science/Science Teacher

Hapnot Collegiate

Science (9), Computer Programming (11/12), Canadian Law (12)

  • HS Boys Basketball Head Coach, Co-Drama Director, Graduation Speaker

High School Teacher

Pine Creek First Nation Indian Day School

Biology (11), Community Leadership (10), Computer Applications (10), Keyboarding (9), Math (9-11), Physical Education (9/10), Science (9/10)

  • School Newspaper, HS Boys & Girls Basketball Head Coach, Intramurals



Bachelor of Arts

Brandon University

Major: Psychology Minor: Sociology

Brandon, Manitoba, Canada


Barb Mackesey

Director of Education, Christ the Teacher Catholic Schools  Phone: 1(306)783-8787

Chad Holinaty

Superintendent of Education, Christ the Teacher Catholic Schools  Phone: 1(306)783-8787

Matt Woodward

Former Vice-Principal, Elementary Division, International School Nido de Aguilas, Santiago, Chile (Now Elementary Principal at San Roberto, Monterrey)

Phone: +(52) (81) 8000 2150

Michael Allen

Former Principal, Elementary Division, International School Nido de Aguilas, Santiago, Chile (Now Elementary Principal at Shanghai American School) Phone: +86 (21) 6221-1445

Rocio Martin

Technology Assistant, Elementary Division, International School Nido de Aguilas, Santiago, Chile  Phone: (562) 2-339-8100

Dr. Don Bergman

Former Head of School, International School Nido de Aguilas, Santiago, Chile

Currently President of International College, Beirut, Lebanon

Tel/Fax: 961-1-362-500/1 -