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To obtain certification to become a substitute teacher in order to decide what level of education I want to get my Teacher Certification in. I will be starting classes in January to become a Science Teacher at an APS school and so substitute teaching will help me decide what age level I want to teach, what school I want to teach at and what it's like to be an educator. Teaching has always been something I have enjoyed and it is a gift I want to use to make an impact in others' lives. 

Work experience

Apr 2015Present


Sandia Jewelers

I am the owner of a small, local jewelry store in Rio Rancho. The store is managed by my father and uncle who both have over twenty years of experience in jewelry manufacturing. As the owner, I am in charge of hiring and training new employees, advertising, managing bills and payroll, researching products and customer assistance. 

Jul 2013Present

Lead Petcare Specialist

Lead PetCare Specialist, PetSmart As the lead Petcare Specialist, it is my job not only to educate Pet Parents about the exotic animals' background and needs, but also to train new associates. This position requires attention to detail, ability to perform under pressure, ability to speak to and educate everyone from young children wanting a pet hamster to reptile enthusiasts interested in adopting scorpions, and the knowledge on how to medicate and care for sick animals. As a Lead, I am called on whenever anyone in the store has questions about animal behavior, physiology, habitat, or special needs. If I ever do not have an answer for someone, I am always more than excited to look up the question so that the pet parent and I can both gain new knowledge.
May 2012Sep 2014

Lead Lorikeet/Giraffe Attendant

New Mexico BioPark Society

My duties at the Rio Grande Zoo included everything from cleaning and setting up exhibits for customers to come enjoy interacting with the animals to educating both parents and children on the importance of the animals and giving them a memorable experience. My favorite part of this job was being able to use the education I had from my UNM classes to teach visitors from all over the world about the animals and their behavior and natural habitat.


Aug 2011Dec 2014

B.S. Biology

University of New Mexico

I received the majority of my upper division credits in animal related sciences including Ornithology, General Vertebrate Zoology, Bosque Internship and Ecology.