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My objective is to grow professionally, nurture those elusive leadership qualities I feel to already have in me, and do so in a way that allows my specific functional expertise to be put at work: my ability and willingness to relocate worldwide, my passion for, and understanding of, Asia as a whole; my diversified experiences in Sales and Marketing built over 10 years of professional self development with leading multinational companies leaders in their respective fields, and proficiency in 4 languages including Bahasa Indonesia. 


Traveling, People , collecting music CD’s and vinyl, High-End Hi-Fi systems, Formula 1, Reading, Cooking, Swimming, Snorkeling, Political economy, CSR topics, Development policies, World religions


Training courses attended at Hilti:

Mastering Foundation Management (MFM)April 2007

Selecting the right people (SLR)May 2008

Leading for results (LFR)March 2009

Hilti marketing Management (HMM)May 2009

Computer literacy: 

Proficient at all Office as well as Mac applications 

Professional portfolio

Training certificates


My passion is to travel, go places, meet people, develop relationships and do business; my passion for traveling has brought me around the world and in my luggage I always like to carry a new challenge: from Europe to Southeast Asia, onto India and the Middle East first selling advanced diamond technologies, setting up commercial structures, negotiating deals and organizing the logistics behind them then developing, coaching and training people, organizing emotional product launches, creating an enthusiastic sales force and above all learning; learning about the company I represent and the products I sell, the people I work with and the challenges that motivate them, the processes through which one gets things done and the emotions that drives them forward. Traveling and learning to exceed expectations is my ultimate passion and the one that drives me forward.

My passion is what drives me to reach my objectives while my skills and experience provide the rational back up to insure that I perform as an effective and efficient team-member keen to realize and overachieve the given qualitative and quantitative targets in alignment with the company’s global strategy.

Creative stuff off work


Indonesia/ASEAN business development, technical sales & marketing specialist


International Business in Asia
I spent my entire professional abroad: starting in Vietnam, then on to Indonesia where I was in charge of the entire ASEAN region later expanded to include South Asia where I eventually relocated following a promising career opportunity. Then on to the Middle east  for a career change move; here I also was responsible for the entire region spanning 14 countries. This exposure has given me significant and invaluable insights into how business is conducted, relationships developed and maintained and ultimately allowed me to experience diversity and similarities between people, countries and cultures: I try to understand them and always respect them.    Between business and pleasure I have traveled to over 50 countries and though it is difficult to quantify the learnings from all the traveling, I certainly know I have been enriched by it; I also know that this wealth of knowledge acquired in bits and pieces here and there, constitutes a significant advantage when facing a new challenge or being in unfamiliar territory and it opens up the mind to new ways of thinking, lateral, creative or out of the box, it goes by many names: the fact is that it is not something that can be learnt from a book, a seminar or in a limited amount of time, so here is a skill that sets me a part from many at least in my age group. 
Indonesia and ASEAN
My academic background is a significant asset giving me an edge at understanding South East Asia and Indonesia in particular. I am fluent in Bahasa Indonesia and that itself is among the reasons I succeeded at establishing mutually beneficial and long standing business relationships; the cultural understanding of a Nation let alone of a region as diverse as ASEAN takes a long time to sink in, and is an aspect of doing business the importance of which is often underestimated. I bring with me this added dimension to doing business in South East Asia: commercial acumen and western values translated in South East Asian style.    
Training & Coaching
Training is one of my favorite activities on the job. Be it the Basic Training that all employees have to undergo which were held regularly or specific trainings on new products and their applications. I am especially keen on hands-on trainings where people can use the products, see them, feel them and compare them including those of competition and use the opportunity to create exciting events that bring the sales team together for a day of informative trainings but also a day when they have a chance to really get down to business with the new product introductions. I am well known to have developed some of the most exciting and memorable Introduction New Products (INP) trainings in the entire region and some of the most comprehensive basic trainings for Diamond Coring as I would normally ask the new recruits to use the tools regardless of Dubai's summer heat. In the end most participants, although tired and sweaty, recall the day as among the best ones they had while participating to the Basic Training.  In short this is where I get really passionate. I want to deliver the right and necessary information, allow people to make their own experience and let them leave with a memorable and fun experience. 
At Hilti I joined the Marketing Department of the Middle East & South Asia Regional Office and later the Marketing Competence Centre based in Dubai. I gained a considerable experience in designing strategies for customer acquisition and market penetration based on a thorough understanding of the market (size, potential, share), the industry trends and the competition offering. The information gathered was also used to develop strong value propositions that would allow the sales force to go out and show the value represented by Hilti products.  
Account management
As a Regional Sales Manager and Country Manager with Tyrolit in Indonesia and India I was responsible to manage current accounts and develop new ones. I successfully managed our customer platform and increased penetration into secondary applications as well as reduced the account receivable considerably.  Customer acquisition was something I always enjoyed and while I focused on the largest potential I also took care of many smaller accounts that allowed for differentiation and sustainability lowering the risk of depending on fewer large accounts.  I also successfully developed the Glass Processing segment and developed strategic relationships with distributors and retailers. 

Work experience

Jan 2011Oct 2011

Regional Product Manager Diamond Systems


Purpose: Build a strategy for Diamond cutting & sawing products across the newly grouped region to include UAE and Saudi markets, in particular build product competencies, understand the relevant market and its potential, increase awareness towards innovative diamond applications, drive profitable and sustainable growth promoting repeat consumables sales in mainstream and specialized segments using the most appropriate channels.


  • Manage the regional portfolio of Diamond cutting & sawing products & services
  • Devise a regional concept for all new product launches to include a value proposition relevant to the specific geographies of             

    the region

  • Consolidate regional market data for analysis and market understanding 
  • Field visits in different markets for marketing, coaching and training activities   
  • Act as the regional lead trainer in Basic and Advanced Training Seminars
Jan 2007Dec 2010

Regional Trade Manager Building & Construction segment


Purpose: drive all marketing activities within the assigned trade in terms of understanding the relevant markets, creating awareness, delivering superior value, promoting opportunity purchase, evaluating and sustaining loyalty. By doing so correctly, the assigned trade is in a better position to create enthusiastic customers leading to sustainable and profitable growth.  


  • Support regional markets develop their trade fact-base through sensing activities 
  • Manage the regional portfolio of Business Units Drilling & Demolition and Diamond Systems
  • Define the Building & Construction key applications and relevant product basket to develop value propositions for all key    

    products within the trade  

  • Coordinate all activities for a successful new product launch in individual markets as well as on a regional level 
  • Act as the regional lead trainer in Basic and Advanced Training Seminars
Jul 2005Nov 2006

Country Manager - Business Development Manager

TYROLIT Schleifmittelwerke Swarovski K.G.

Purpose: Set-up the sales & marketing structure of the newly established Tyrolit branch in India and manage the smooth transition of sales to the local organization.



  • Manage the hand-over of sales, service levels and production to the locally established set-up
  • Hire and train competent local personnel to manage Customer Service, Logistics and develop sales across the Indian territory
  • Maintain high satisfaction levels at established key accounts and identify applications within the core segments of the Ceramic, Glass & Stone processing industry developing them into sustainable businesses in the medium term
Jun 2000Jun 2005

Regional Sales Manager South and South East Asia

TYROLIT Schleifmittelwerke Swarovski K.G.

Purpose: Business development of the Ceramic, Stone & Glass segments in ASEAN and South Asian countries



  • Organizing and coordinating sales directly, through agents and retailers in ASEAN countries and in India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka
  • Customer acquisition, satisfaction and retention
  • Strengthen the market position and profitability of the production unit
Sep 1999Mar 2000

Junior Consultant

Italian Trade Commission (ICE)

Purpose: Support Italian companies searching for business opportunities in Vietnam and increase awareness of the Vietnamese economic potential through institutional channels

Apr 1999Aug 1999


United Nations Organization for Industrial Development (UNIDO)

Purpose: Research the potential of the Vietnamese food processing industry. 

The research is available for consultation at the UNIDO IPO Liaison Office (Milan - Italy) and at the “Stazione Sperimentale per l’Industria delle Conserve” (Parma – Italy)


Diploma di maturita' classica

Liceo classico Clemente Rebora

Liceo classico (Classical Lyceum) is a secondary school type in Italy. The educational curriculum lasts five years, and students are generally about 14 to 19 years of age.

Until 1969, this was the only secondary education track that allowed a student access to an Italian university. Nowadays, it is considered the elite school and it carries the reputation of a highly formative school, being one of the few European secondary school types where study of ancient languages (Latin and ancient Greek) and their literature are compulsory. 


Sep 1995Jul 1998

Joint BA Degree (Hon.s)

School of Oriental & African Studies (SOAS) - University of London

The BA programme in Development Studies is a combined honours degree, allowing students to blend a critical awareness of international development, with a solid grounding in another discipline or subject area. This allows Development Studies students to place the knowledge they gain as part of their degree within a specific regional, cultural or disciplinary context. The ability to combine Development Studies with Bahasa Indonesia allowed me to concentrate studying the economic and social development of South East Asia and Indonesia in particular and focus on the development policies adopted by Asian economies as opposed to those used elsewhere. 

During the final exam I had to complete four essays in the following disciplines:

- Economic development of South East Asia - Mark 61 - Grade IIA - Result: Pass

- Southeast Asian Government and politics - Mark 62 - Grade IIA - Result: Pass

- Indonesian Language 3 - Mark 54 - Grade IIB - Result: Pass

- Malay and Indonesian texts - Mark 64 - Grade IIA - Result: Pass 

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