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Dera Lesmana

Metallurgist/Welding Engineer/Welding Inspector

Work experience

McDermott International Inc

May 2016Present

QA/QC Welding Inspector


  1. Inspection activities (visual, dimension, quantity) for interconnecting piping materials.
  2. Reviewing MTS (Mill Test Certificate).
  3. Final inspection before shipping process.
  4. Making inspection and technical report as documentation.

 - JANGKRIK FPU PROJECT at Transalindo Eka Persada  (BATAM)

  1. Attending PIM ( Pre Inspection Meeting) to review ITP (Inspection & Test Plan).
  2. Inspection (Visual and Dimension) of material of pig launcher and receiver.
  3. Reviewing mill certificate based on client specification.
  4. Making technical and inspection report as documentation.

General Achmad Yani University

Jun 2012Jun 2014

Coordinator Metallurgy Lab Assistant

  • Monitoring Practical Activities of Student (Heat Treatment Process, Metallography, Destructive Test ( Tensile, Impact, Hardness, Bending, Wear Test), Non-Destructive Test (Penetrant, Magnetic, Ultrasonic, Radiography Test).
  • Assisting and helping lecture for failure analysis project.
  • Helping last year students in doing and finishing their final project.
  • Prepare and making report activity in Lab.

Profab Batam

Jun 2013Oct 2013

Welding Engineer Internship

  • Development of  PQR (Pre Qualification Record) and WPS (Welding Procedure Specification).
  • Monitoring the welding  personel performance, equipment, machine and consumables.
  • Making technical report as result of development.
  • Coordinating with welding qualification task and activity.
  • Witnessing of welder test.
  • Witnessing of mechanical testing.
  • Interpreting engineering drawing.
  • Final Inspection of welded joint quality.


General Achmad Yani University 

Dec 2010Dec 2014

Bachelor Degree in Metallurgical Engineering

Graduated with satisfied GPA 3.1 out of 4. 

Final Project : " Influence of Rosemary Officinalis Concentration as Go Green Inhibitor Towards Corrosion Rate of AISI 1045 Carbon Steel in Artificial Sea Water"

Center for Material and Technical Product (B4t)

Aug 2014Dec 2014

Diploma of Welding Engineering

Graduated as International Welding Engineer authorized by IIW (International Institute of Welding).

Kartini Senior High School

Jul 2007Jul 2010

Senior High School

1st year  - General Major

2nd and 3th year - Science Major


Computer and Language Skills
  • Microsoft office.
  • Macintosh.
  • Windows.
  • Social Media.
  • Excellent command and written in english, bahasa, malay language.
Quality Assurance and Quality Control
  1. Understand about ITP (Inspection & Test Plan).
  2. Familiar with some code and standards such as AWS, API, ASME sec IX.
  3. Understand about making inspection, anomaly, NCR report.
  4. Understand about MTS (Mill Test Certificate) review.
  5. Familiar with quality inspection.
  6. Understand about intpretation of engineering drawing.
  • Understand about casting process.
  • Familiar with cutting, metal forming, and machining process.
  • Understand about production flow of steel making.
Material and Metallurgical Science
  • Understand and familiar about ferrous material and non ferrous material
  • Understand about principal and fundamental of corrosion
  • Understand about Heat Treatment processes..
  • Understand and familiar with material testing : tensile, impact, bending, hardness, microstructure, and some NDT methods  (MT,PT, UT, RI).
  • Failure analysis of material.
Welding and Fabrication
  • Familiar with Welding Processes and Technologies (SMAW, GTAW, FCAW, SAW, GMAW and some robotic welding).
  • Deeply know about Material selection and their behaviour prior to welding.
  • Understand about welding joint configuration.
  • Familiar with electrodes and filler metal of welding.
  • Understand about development of WPS and PQR.
  • Welding Metallurgy.
  • Understand and familiar with Pre and Post Heat prior to welding.
  • Design and construction of welding.


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I am looking for challenging career opportunity as material/metallurgical engineer/welding engineer which i have solid knowledge based on my qualifications. My skills and knowledge would lead me to give a significant contribution in some company sectors such as oil and gas company, construction company, manufacture company, engineering consultant company .


  • Swimming.
  • Playing Billiard.
  • Travelling.
  • Gaming.
  • Watching movies.