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Mar 2014Present

Electronic Engineering

DeVry University


Flexible team player
Innovative problem solver 
Verbal and Written communication

Work experience

Mar 2003Aug 2014

Cooperate trainer / manager/ server

Cinama Cafe

In charge of opening and overseeing all other positions, accountable for all money that is collected daily, in charge of reports for the company. Corporate Trainer / Crew Leader - In 2006 the Greenbrier Store opens and was handed job responsibilities for training new store staff for opening day. 2007: Promoted to Cooperate Trainer in charge of ensuring quality training for new hires across the company with the creation of a new training manual. Company expands to open new location at Kemps river opens; charged with training of staff and set up of building to ensure smooth launch. Played a Major role in Assisting with the Conversion to Arts house. 2010 Employee of the Year plus multiple employee of the Months Awards. Server / Food Runner - Assists in order taking, delivery of food, cleaning of theaters and confirming with customers to ensure a pleasant and entertaining dining experience.

Sep 20072009

Virginia Beach Police Officer

Virginia beach Polid Department

2007 Underwent preliminary para-military training & vigorous first responder certification training. Mastered Virginia local and state laws in and out of courtrooms. Passed V.B.P.D. In 2007, passed advanced hand to hand combat, tactical training while testing and qualified for forensic science tech officer. Submitted detailed report for the restoration of a V.B.’s lower developed areas using police resources and city office. While employed I was responsible for enforcing state laws and local ordinances, arrest suspected violators of the laws, respond to citizen initiated calls for service and conduct self-initiated investigations; while patrolling a specific geographical area to deter criminal activity. Other duties may also include but are not limited to: interpret laws and police procedures to citizens, operate keyboard data terminals, and check for warrants on persons. Being Forensic Certified it was also required to identify, collect and preserve evidence, mediate domestic disputes, prepare various reports and documents to complete investigations, & present evidence and testimony in judicial setting.


Dear Human Resources,
My name is Deonte’ Z. Stewart and I am excited about the Opportunity with your company. I know if chosen for your position I would be able to bring a quality of Customer service unmatched by anyone else in the industry. Over the past 14 years I have successfully lead and trained numerous groups of employee that have become cornerstone and leaders in the industry. At my core I believe it takes Honesty and a Strong belief in Communication, Commitment, & Loyalty for a company to grow strong. Being an exceptional listener and communicator who effectively conveys information verbally and in writing. Along with my Intuition, Creativity, Positive attitude and Empathy, I am more than Confident I could fulfill your needs in this position. My refined Ability to delegate, alongside a solid Sense of Humor has always given me The Ability to Inspire my employees. With these combines efforts I am able to maintain a highly analytical way of thinking while demonstrated talents for identifying, scrutinizing, improving, and streaming complex work processes. Having the added bonus of being highly Computer literate I am able to performer with extensive software proficiency covering a wide variety of applications. If you believe my qualification adequately meet your requirements for employment, then please don’t heisted to contact me at your earliest convenience.
Deonte’ Z. Stewart


Bobbi Woods / Benefactor

Owner: Real-estate Agent 

Greg Kasmark / President of Dingle Voice

Relationship: Benefactor

Ryan A. Petit /   “Regional Sales Manager”

  Relationship: BenefactorJernigan Real-estate  Group