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Programming Languages: C#, C++, C, JavaScript, SQL.

Technologies\Libraries:  ASP.NET MVC, Web API, WCF, AJAX, LINQ,  jQuery, HTML, XML, CSS, Networking, Multithreading.

Development Environments and Methodologies: Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft SQL Server, WinDbg, IDA, AVR Studio.

Work experience

Aug 2012Present

CTO, Senior .NET Developer


Plugmee is a single web-based dashboard to control your home.

Technologies: ASP.NET MVC, Web API, WCF, TCP/IP, .NET Web Services, LINQ2SQL, XML, HTML, CSS, AJAX, JQuery

Jun 2010Jun 2012

CTO, .NET Developer


TAGO is a QR code tracking and management platform. Generate QR-code and mobile pages. Tracking mobile devices. Diagrams. PDF, XLS, XML, TXT reports.


  • Design the application and database architecture
  • Application development
  • Project management

Technologies: C#, ASP.NET MVC, AJAX, LINQ to SQL, jQuery, HTML, XML, CSS.

Sep 2009Jun 2010

C++/C# Developer


Network Security Direction

Forensic solution. Participated in development of large enterprise forensic solution that performs monitoring over clients' computers. Product had been developing for 6 years by the moment I joined team of 15 members. This is a complicated solution and it consists of several modules: Client, Proxy, Server, Spy Agent, Spy Windows Driver.

Technologies: C#, WinForms, C++, WinApi, STL, Boost, ICU, Multithreading, Networking, SQL Server, Windows Services, XML, RPC, code generation, Driver Development Kit, Virtual Devices, Process, Registry keys and Drivers hiding, C#\C++ interoperability, Marshalling.

Sep 2009Nov 2009

Low level development (C/C++)

ApriorIT Courses

USB Monitor (Sniffer)

USB Monitor allows you to display, record and analyze all the data transferred between any USB device (flash memory, phone, web camera, modem, mouse, keyboard etc.) and your PC.

Forensic tool help you to recover transferred data.

Software contain:

  • USB Device Info Viewer
  • URB List Viewer
  • Transfer Data Viewer
  • HID (Mouse) Data Analyzer Viewer
  • Mass Storage Data Analyzer Viewer.
  • Transferred File Data Analyzer Viewer
  • Recovery File Tool.

The resulted project includes such components: Driver, Common Library, GUI.

Language: C, C++

Aug 2008Apr 2009

Software Engineer (Junior C++ Developer)


AutoTutorial for SolidWorks is a new conception of education CAD (computer-aided design) solution which emulate user’s actions in ‘real time’.


  • Architect of plug-in project
  • Project's performance
  • Communicate with foreign manager

AutoTutorial has own API to create, start and edit the lessons. To make some of the AutoTutorial’s API more powerful I have wrote a new code to the core of SolidWorks.

I have move mouse programmable and lock off another user’s actions using Win32 API. I have made this project as plug-in with great UX, so it can be easily build into SolidWorks system.

The project was planned for 6 month and meet deadline.

Personal projects

    • Perfectread is a website that gives you access to new free kindle books every day.
    • Tellmeword is a 'no-registration required' platform to publish and share your own posts.
    • Driver to Hide Processes and Files. Language C.
    • EXE file infector. The educational project to understand how viruses are worked.
    • Cracked ICQ encipher using IDA disassembler. 
    • Manual unpack files that gripe by UPX.
    • Remote desktop: C++, C#; Win32 sockets, multithreading. Captain and Remote-client (on the other site) connects to the server. Remote-client is invisible and can be operated with Captain. Remote-client makes screen shot, resize to 30-40 Kbytes and send it to the Captain. Remote-client can lock mouse, keyboard using hooks.
    • Browser C# (desktop and web version). Browser that has four working web-pages at once.  You can resize any page on full screen and back.


                  Sep 2006Jun 2010

                  Bachelor of Telecommunications Engineering

                  Dnipropetrovsk National University

                  Major subjects:

                  • Microprocessor engineering
                  • Microprocessor programming
                  • Theoretical footing of electronics
                  • Information devices
                  • CNC repairing
                  • Signal modulation and transfer
                  • Programming microcontrollers (Atmel), development of usb devices (Atmel).

                  Performed practice project:

                  • Amplifier: amplifying signals at 10 times.
                  • Motion Sensor: microprocessor, phototransistor, motor driver.
                  • Radio: receive analog signals on frequency 20-70 MHz
                  • Transmitter: send digitals signals.
                  • Muffler: jam mobile’s signals on frequency 800 – 1000 MHz. Radius of action is 50 meters.
                  • Digital device: developed digital device that was started by low signal, sleep by three signals and give out in strict succession four 3-digital signals. After that finished the work and waited for the next low signal.


                    Mar 2010Present

                    Microsoft Certified

                    Professional Developer (MCPD)
                    Mar 2010Present

                    Microsoft Certified

                    Technology Specialist (MCTS)
                    Mar 2010Present

                    Microsoft Certified

                    Technology Specialist (MCTS)
                    Mar 2010Present


                    Master C#
                    Jun 2010Present