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In business for over 10 years, Denver Energy Exploration LLC is a privately owned and independently managed energy exploration company, based in Texas. The company was founded by business leader Michael Christopher who believes firmly in the principles of community building and economy building for small business and well owners in the state of Texas.

Denver Energy Exploration LLC is intricately involved in the development and exploration ventures in the Brookshire salt Dome which is situated in Waller County, close to the city of Houston. The company under the dynamic leadership of Michael Christopher and his small team of experts and executives is ensuring that independent well owners in the area are allowed to develop their holdings through strategic partnerships and lease opportunities. Michael Christopher is considered an expert in the field of energy finance, leases and mergers and acquisitions and Denver energy exploration LLC is making sure that through the utilization of the latest geological technology that their investment is low risk and assured.

Denver Energy Exploration LLC uses Neozoic Geophysical Surveys and 3D seismic surveys to track and locate the areas that are best suited for drilling and for the exploration and search for oil and gas. The price of crude oil and petroleum products as a whole is rising steeply. This is in response to the increased demand for products as well as the declining reserves of this natural resource. With modern technology no longer being the sole purvey of large companies, it is now possible for independent operators and privately owned companies such as Denver Energy Exploration LLC to make a profit and make a difference to the way that the oil industry is structured.

The Brookshire Salt Dome is a unique area and has yielded rich reserves of both gas and oil. Denver Energy Exploration LLC owns a number of leases in prominent regions of the Brookshire Salt Dome. The East Flank, South Flank, Northeast Flank and the Apex areas of the salt dome are considerably rich in oil deposits and the unique formation of the salt dome means that well drilling is less expensive and more lucrative than in other areas of Texas.

Michael Christopher, as founder and Managing director of Denver Energy Exploration LLC is uniquely positioned to make the difference. He is a mentor and fine businessman making sure that all his dealings with smaller independent well owners and drillers is always of the highest quality. He is deeply committed to the development and growth of local business owners and his company was awarded an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau in recognition of their manner of doing business in Texas.

Historically, oil and gas have always been a safe investment, but people have been discouraged due to the lower prices of large oil company shares. Oil and gas futures are rising at the moment and the rise of the independent oil company is showing investors that there is a lucrative and fiscally responsible investment to be made through privately owned and independently managed oil companies such as Denver Energy Exploration LLC.

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