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Currently back to school, at ESSEC Business School (french n°2 top business school) Master of Science in Management.

Former teacher in University of Brest (faculty of literature), and a specialist of japanese comics (manga) industry.

I wrote the handbook "Grapholexique du Manga" about japanese comics graphic symbols in 2006. I was also a former specialized journalist for french japanese comics and animation review Animeland, and a professional translator of japanese comic-books in french langage.

As a teacher, I offered the first regular academic course about japanese comics in a western public University.


I want to bring value in the marketing world, particularly in online marketing, by applying new models and ways to build strong relationships with customer audiences.

Work experience



University of Western Brittany

Technics for French as Second Language (graduate level) : epistemology of language teaching, modern language teaching, grammar teaching, phonetics teaching.

French grammar (undergraduate level), french language for foreign students (european Erasmus program, chinese students).

Introduction to japanese comics (historic, aesthetical, and narrative aspects).


DELF french language international exam building Team member

International Center for Pedagogic Studies

As a member of the "DELF scolaire" team (official french Ministery of Education diploma of elementary level in french language for foreigners), I built complete exams items using European Common Framework for Languages.



Ministère de l'Education nationale

Teacher in Highscool and Junior Highschool in Paris region. I trained highschool pupils to the french Baccalaureat french exams. I also organized foreign pupils french section in junior highschool.

My Book


Narrative engineering




Premier prix - 1997 Japanese speech constest

Université d'Aix-en-Provence

Japanese Language Profiency Test

Foundation of Japan