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Work experience

Executive Vice President / Chief Operating Officer

Horizon Bancorp, Inc. / Horizon Community Bank

Oversaw the functions of HR, programs and technology, products, customer service while serving as a commercial loan officer. Built alliances with partners including: Jack Henry, Laser Pro, Deposit Pro and others.

ACHIEVEMENTS: § Established the Bank Holding Company and funded it with $8,700,000.§ Organized the start-up of the bank including: products/services, programs, vendors, etcetera.§ Graduated from the premiere banking school - Pacific Coast Banking School at the University of Washington. Received the highest grade of all students on an 80-page report on "The Rudiments of Establishing a De Novo Bank".

Oct 2009Present

Self Employed

Bank Consulting

Recruited by three community banks to resolve a double memorandum of understandings (MOU's), two civil money penalties and a cease & desist (C&D) order issued by the FDIC and the State Financial Institution Division (FID) in order to bring the bank up to expected standards.

Led the development and implementation of new policies including: loan policy, ALLL policy, design of a compliance management system, board oversight policy, a plan to reduce and maintain delinquent loans and non-performing assets, capital adequacy and contingency plan, delinquent loan reporting for 30, 60, 90 days and non-accrual loans, earnings, profit planning, budget projections and others. 

ACHIEVEMENTS: Offered the opportunity to stay on as EVP/COO as a result of exceptional performance. Received prompt resolution of the Safety and Soundness MOU through the delivery of an extensive 250 page document that included policy changes such as enhanced board oversight, reporting requirements, establishing new policies and procedures and the creation and implementation of various reporting matrices.  The MOU was upgraded within one year of the receipt which is an exceptional accomplishment. 


President / CEO

Horizon Bancorp, Inc. / Horizon Community Bank

Organized and established a highly profitable de novo commercial bank and holding company and led the bank to growth in excess of as many as 5 offices, $170,000,000 in assets, $150,000,000 in deposits, and $135,000,000 in loans. Bank reached profitability within 13 months, more than 15 months ahead of schedule.

§ Led senior management business-level discussion and decisions involving business vision and strategy, enterprise-level decisions, standardization of best practices, and project governance oversight.§ Managed administrative, legal, and financial functions for both the bank and the bank holding company, shareholders, and partners.§ Conducted regular risk assessments and quality assurance reviews to evaluate compliance with requirements and to identify potential gaps in policies, procedures and business processes. § Developed strategies to improve non-performing loans, reduced delinquencies, maximized recoveries and minimized losses. Identified potential problem credits and provided guidance to staff in restructuring the credit and/or minimizing losses.ACHIEVEMENTS: § Substantially reduced overhead and operating costs through staff reduction and the closing of an underperforming office. Additional overhead was reduced as much as .75% of the banks total assets while continuing to maintain the customer base.§ Improved product partnered relationships. Launched two new products and established two new technology driven channels that generated $14,000,000 in low cost funding and increased non-interest income by over $100,000.§ Launched the popular Star Checking account which increased customer account retention from an industry average of 2.7 years to 9 years.§ Developed a 32 month Solution Culture Plan and hired an independent facilitator for implementation. This program resulted in improved employee engagement, established a solid team culture, and resulted in increased employee and customer retention.§ Chaired the Merger/Acquisition, Nominations, and Education committees. In addition, served on the Executive, Corporate Governance, Asset/Liability (ALCO), Audit, Director's Loan, and the Officer's Loan committees.


Vice President / Branch Manager / Commercial Loan Officer

County Bank (Sold to National Bank of AZ)

Previously responsible for the administration and efficient daily operation of a full service branch office, including operations, lending, product sales, customer service, in accordance with the Bank's objectives. Developed new deposit and loan business; provided a superior level of customer relations, and promoted the sales and service culture through coaching, guidance and staff motivation; achieved individual and branch sales goals through new business sales, referrals, and retention of account relationships.

§ Previously responsible for all aspects of lending requests including: origination, processing, underwriting, and closing.

ACHIEVEMENTS: § Voted "Man of the Year" by the Chamber of Commerce.§ Drove deposit growth from $4,900,000 to more than $53,000,000 and from 4 employees to 22.§ Launched and led an effective campaign to sell foreclosed properties that successfully prevented the write-off of more than $4,000,000.


Pacific Coast Banking School

Pacific Coast Banking School, in partnership with the Graduate School of Business at the University of Washington, offers a unique combination of world class faculty, cutting-edge curriculum, and highly qualified participants which define it as the Premier National Graduate School of Banking™. Over 10,000 persons have graduated from this prestigious school, now in its 73rd year, with hundreds serving as leaders of financial institutions. PCBS utilizes its vast industry resources to provide tactics and strategies to deal with today’s most pressing banking issues.  And, students at PCBS come from financial institutions of all sizes - from organizations with fewer than $100 million in assets, to multi-billion dollar mega banks. Together they offer a diverse mix of perspectives and attitudes that reflect the world as it actually exists, providing an exceptionally rich learning experience.

Dove Degree

Twin Oaks Leadership Academy

Areas of Expertise

§ Strategic / Tactical Planning

§ Mergers / Acquisitions

§ Regulatory Compliance

§ Business Development

§ De Novo Bank Start-up

§ Operations Management

§ Mortgage Lending

§ Real Estate Lending

§ Loan Workout Experience

§ Credit Unions

§ Savings & Loans

Professional Development

§ Western Independent Bankers - 5 Day Course for Presidents / CEOs§ Independent Community Bankers of America - Branching to New Areas, Acquire or Be Acquired§ Arizona Bankers Association - FDIC Director's College§ American Bankers Association - Leadership Skills for Presidents / CEOs§ Southwest Graduate School of Banking - Solutions Culture

Professional Organizations

§ American Bankers Association - Community Bank Council§ Western Independent Bankers - Member and WIBSCO Board§ Arizona Bankers Association - Member

Community Service

§ Chamber of Commerce - Chairman, Board Member, and Vice President of Finance§ Public Works Advisory Board§ Rotary Club§ United Way Chair

§ Hospitality Association, American Cancer Association, Western Arizona Humane Society, Adopt-a-Family, Mexican Orphanage, and others