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Work experience


Senior Defense Resource Analyst

Joint Staff

Resourcing and Strategy, Program and Budget Analysis Directorate


Chief of Staff

United States Army- Fort Carson

Directed budget, maintenance and logistics for the largest aviation support organization in the Army.


Operations Officer

United States Army


Academic Affiliations

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Civilian of the Year

Management Experience


Implemented sound procedures for planning, programming, budgeting and monitoring the execution for the Installation’s $170 million annual budget.Chaired finance committees that collected, debated, prioritized, and made recommendations to the CEO on all budget expenditures from capital improvements to operations and maintenance accounts for seven directorates.

Directed the activities of the only fully integrated, tri-service finance and accounting office in the U.S. Central Command area of responsibility exercising technical supervision over assigned programs carried out by subordinates, including program analysis, budgeting, accounting, commercial accounts, travel, military, civilian and third country national payroll and disbursing.Served as the office of record for historical program material, member of the contractor source selection board and principal point of contact for audits, inspections and project reviews.

Managed funding from no less than four different agencies and negotiated for additional funding to reallocate “fenced” funds to more critical areas.Reconciled accounts, tracked budget compliance, and made adjustments to reallocate funds throughout the year to critical needs as they are developed.

Established policies and procedures that complied with CEO, federal, and other statutes and regulations for the determination and payment of salaries, benefits, travel, transportation, size of workforce, contracts, and other supplies, equipment and construction.

Directed 50 financial analysts, accountants and management analysts that tracked current expenditures, researched historical expenditures, developed out year budget projections, maintained accountable records and conducted management studies.


International Programs and Coalition Support Analyst responsible for the full range of review and analysis for the Iraq Security Force Funds, Afghanistan Security Force Funds and the Commander’s Emergency Response Program with annual budgets exceeding seven billion dollars.Coordination includes U.S. Central Command, the Military Departments, the Office of the Secretary of Defense, the office of Management and Budget, the Defense Security Cooperation Agency and Congress.Perform trend analysis in such areas as budget, appropriation changes, and procurement including: out year funding requirements, new program starts, comparative analysis, status of performance and special studies including General Accounting Office reports on any of the aforementioned programs.Prepare and provide congressionally mandated reports, briefings and information requests.

Managed Fort Riley quality assurance program resulting in a one year increase of 208 points in the Malcolm Baldridge competition.Program involved a complete revision of the strategic plan, detailed process mapping of business results as well as deployment strategy and execution.

Oversight of Fort Riley’s activity based costing program.In one year deployed three of five directorate models with the remaining two deployed in the next eight months.Developed installation integration plan incorporating the models into the strategic planning process for executive use in distribution of resources.


Directed internal review and compliance reviews of contracts to include: maintenance contract $9 million; review of micro card purchase credit card usage $3 million; and negotiated labor union contracts.Additionally, set installation policy for use of personal government credit card program.

Chief negotiator for the United States Government for sale of rotary wing aircraft to mid-eastern country.In 18 months, coordinated $100 million worth of sales of rotary wing aircraft to include logistical and training support packages for three different type aircraft.


Worked with the local community Chambers of Commerce as well as local area interest groups to develop partnership programs.For example, developed a recycling agreement between Fort Riley and Junction City that reduced waste streams recyclable materials from Junction City waste stream and helped pay for Fort Riley’s program.

Fort Riley Touts Economic Impact

"Fort Riley pumped $556,166,189 into the local economy in fiscal year 1998, according to Fort Riley's yearly economic impact statement. Lt. Col. Dennis Sundell, resource management director, said the largest factor in the number is the money spent by soldiers, family members and civilian employees. Although military pay has the largest direct impact on the local economy, other factors include contracts, services, education and supplies"

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Summary of Qualifications

Multiple experiences as the Director of Resource Management (Vice President for Business and Finance_ advising the CEO of organizations with 15,000 to 20,000 civilian and military personnel from diverse backgrounds, an annual budget in excess of $170 million, all physical facilities (1,866 buildings) from offices, classrooms; educational, sport and maintenance facilities; utilities; dormitories (4,530 rooms) and residencies (2,922); warehouse and retail establishments valued at more than $500 million.

Thirty years of progressive promotion to positions of increased responsibility in diverse functional areas including financial management, marketing, cost modeling, and operations.Adept at getting people with diverse interests and agendas to work together toward accomplishment of mutual goals.

  • Managed complete revision of the Fort Riley strategic plan.
  • Improved Malcolm Baldridge competition (Most Efficient Organization) rating by 208 points in one year.
  • Experienced in capital investment, infrastructure sustainment, and environmental compliance.
  • Experienced in balancing resources against requirements which often exceed available resources.
  • Experienced at translating strategic plans into long term financial budgets.


Challenging Senior Managerial position using my skills, experiences, education, interpersonal communication and leadership skills to plan, coordinate, oversee and direct program management focusing on operationalizing the organization strategic vision into a reality.

Security Clearance

Top Secret/Selective Compartmentalized Information – Updated 2006.