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Corporate Solutions Pre-Sales Engineer


I'm a communication and information technologies enthusiast, recently cleared undergraduate university education. Having grown seeing first-hand the evolution from a dull, analogue, mechanical, distance-limited, tedious but necessary to high-tech, complex design but human friendly, competitive, changing, adaptive, and ever growing communications technology in a very short spun of time, the desire, will and passion to be part of it were cemented by the rapid but impressive growth of this field which looks still it has so much unsolved technological miseries. I'm now part of this great wheel and so excited to marvel in the future of what would be our contribution because i know it will be humongous.

Academic qualification

Aug 2010Aug 2014

Bachelor of Science in Telecommunications and Information Technology


While the degree has a major focus on computers and telecommunications technology with also emphasis study management and information theory. The course is unique in that, mathematics skills are used to expound and understand units in business and communication applications of computing.

 Bsc (Telecommunication and Information Technology) is an intensive program offering the state of the art knowledge and skills required to excel in the ever changing field of information and communications technology. The program ensures an understanding of telecommunications and  business organization computer applications through the course modules of computer science, physics, mathematics, software engineering, databases, networking, theory and programming. The program also enhances students’ communication, research, cognitive, managerial and interpersonal skills. It is a course that brings together two key aspects of computer training, that is, the link between Telecommunications, Computer Science and the business environment.

Professional qualifications

Jul 2015Sep 2016

Professional: Systems Management

Kaspersky Labs
Jul 2015Sep 2016

Professional: Virtualization

Kaspersky Labs
Mar 2015Jul 2016

Systems Engineer 1

Kaspersky Labs
May 2015May 2016

Corporate Solutions Pre-Sales Engineer

Kaspersky Labs

Work experience

May 2015Present

Corporate Solutions Pre-Sales Engineer ( Kaspersky and Veeam Products)

Ariel Technology Limited
  • Present and demonstrate solutions to the prospective clients. Prepare proof of concepts. 
  • Works deals assigned to the sales team supported, prioritizing effort based on maximizing total impact on team productivity and profit, or as directed by the sales manager.
  •  Proactively scopes the technical solution required to address customer requirements, assesses customers’ met and unmet needs, and recommends solutions that optimize value for both the customer and the firm.
  • Secures input from all necessary solution stakeholders within the customer firm. Adapts solutions, as necessary, to ensure appropriate support.
  •  Coordinates closely with internal sales resources to align solution design with customers’ business requirements.
  •  Secures from customer technical staff commitments needed to ensure a deal’s “technical close.”
  •  Meets assigned targets for profitable sales growth in assigned product lines, market areas, channel, or teams supported.
  •  Provides coaching and professional development to team member sales associates in order to enhance their product knowledge, technical acumen, and technical sales skills.
  •  Opportunistically pursues additional business development opportunities within customer firms. Collaborates with sales to ensure these opportunities are effectively covered.
  •  Monitors customer support for technical solutions proposed throughout the sales process, and alerts the sales and account teams to potential risks of deal closure.
Jan 2015Jan 2015

Product Technical Specialist ( Kaspersky and Veeam Products)

Ariel Technology
  • Understand and effectively presents and delivers presentations on the suite of Kaspersky and/or Veeam products, features and benefits to new and prospective clients as well as internal clients to promote sales and product development.
  • Effectively describes the process and value-added benefits of the  implementation process to new and prospective clients.
  • Effectively collects product feature requests into user story formats.
  • Prepare and provide Ad-hoc reporting and analysis metrics and reporting for product management.
  • Develop documentation for product release and training.
  • Seek opportunities to propose solutions and improvements as related to product usage.
  • Competently conduct Q&A sessions; providing accurate and complete information
  • Work closely with customers to understand their organizational pain points and effectively link product features and benefits to the customer’s needs to help promote sales.
  • Continuously review industry trends and client feedback to anticipate future market needs.
  •  Provides sound organisation and support for Kaspersky or Veeam-sponsored trade shows.
  •  Effectively utilize the CRM/ERP/SRM, pipeline and activity processes to identify, assist and manage, product presentations, features and requests.
  • Provide client discovery and assessment support to the Sales team.
  •  Establish and maintain positive work relationships and works productively with support groups within the business, i.e., Marketing, Product Management, etc.
  • Generates reports for clients by gathering relevant data from various sources and distributing to pertinent stakeholders.
  • Provide client discovery and assessment support to the Sales team.
  • Consistently meets assigned deadlines to ensure client satisfaction.
  • Other duties may be assigned.

Key Competencies.

Kaspersky and Veeam Systems.

Highly conversant with Kaspersky and Veeam technologies. These are protections ( and Network Management) and backup (and replication) solutions respectively. 

Trouble Shooting and Testing

 Have acquired troubleshooting and testing techniques while working with Kaspersky, Microsoft and Veeam technologies.


Experienced in Windows Server Networking and Access Technologies including host-server configurations, enterprise networking and cloud networking technologies.

Database Creation and Management

Experienced in MS SQL server 2008-2014 on highly transactional and sensitive environments. Also acquainted with other DBMS like MYSQL and Access. Both Kaspersky management system and Veeam utilize databases as part of their recurrent functionalities

Web Development

 Have skills in front end and back end web development. For front end web development, i'm proficient in HTML, CSS and Javascript while python and PHP make up for my back end development skills. 

Sales and Marketing

Having worked in Pre -sales, have gained practical skills in marketing be it in product pitching during events or client visits and tailoring a solution to suits specific clients needs. 

Furthermore, part of my job responsibility has been in developing technical and training material in attempt to clearly outlay awareness and importance of related technologies in current business. 


Practical experience in the usage of Microsoft Dynamics and Knowledge through training in Microsoft Power BI. 

Extensive experience in Information Technology both for hardware and software for close to 15 years. Practical knowledge in various operating systems including Windows, Mac OS and Linux. Well conversant with mobile devices too spreading to android, IOS, windows and blackberry.

Ability to develop and maintain required professional rapport with key business related figures so as to ensure business continuity. 

achievements .

  • Earned a promotion within short space of time from Product Technical Specialist to Corporate Pre Sales Engineer.
  • Increased the company clientele due to technical quality and professional pitching during the presales cycle process.
  • Successfully participate majorly in regional wide Kaspersky conferences and training with lots of positive post reviews.
  • Tremendously improve the stature of the company due to quality and satisfactory work on clients.
  • Efficiently resolved many clients issues often earning praises from clients for my efforts.
  • Installation and maintenance of Kaspersky systems in large corporations like Kenya Revenue Authority, Central Bank of Kenya, Family Bank among others.


  1. Stephen Ngechu Kamau 

             Software Development Technical Support Officer- Family Bank
             [email protected]

       2.   Geoffrey Mute

             Systems Engineer Lead- Ariel Technology Limited
             [email protected]

      3.    Hanningtone Rutto

             ICT Analyst - Equity Bank


             [email protected]