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Denise Puchol brings years of professional experience as a project manager and researcher to her current role as Site Survey and Permit Acquisition Administrator. In her position, she evaluates locations, provides analytical support, and coordinates contract details. Ms. Puchol’s diverse background and skills give her a distinctly useful perspective as she analyzes outdoor advertising venues throughout New York City. Boasting an understanding of media, Denise Puchol leverages this knowledge as an ideal platform for her efforts. Having worked in various capacities of film, video, and photography, Ms. Puchol has managed entire productions from beginning to end. She has held responsibility for scripts, production, and post-production, in addition to negotiations.Denise Puchol’s production experience has expanded as she has taken on a range of media roles related to rights and clearances, acquisitions, and contracts. Her previous experience with contracts and negotiation for companies, such as Getty Images, Inc., MSNBC, and DP Research enable her thorough and effective execution of her present duties. Bringing her analytical capabilities to the creative elements of her work, Denise Puchol adds value to each project she manages. Her ability to meet business goals through her analyses indicates her attention to detail and expertise. As a critical thinker, she has adopted new skills and seamlessly integrated her knowledge and experience.

Work experience

Jul 2007Present

Site Survey and Permit Acquisition Administrator

Cemusa Advertising