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Work experience

Aug 2013Present

Social Work Intern

Community Healthcare of Georgia
  • Complete assessment of client needs by utilizing a Bio-psychosocial evaluation and treatment plan.
  • Utilize Strength based theories to assist client with improving their ability to care for self, family and daily living needs.
  • Participate in clinical team meetings for staffing and discharge of clients.
  • Provide Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as it relates to clients: depression, anxiety, eating disorders, obsessive compulsive disorder and bipolar diagnosis.
  • Communicate and demonstrate good rapport to help build self-esteem, morale and self-motivation in clients.
  • Assist clients with establishing and completing goals by utilizing steps toward accomplishments.
  • Review and implement treatment goals accordingly.
  • Access and implement weekly Behavioral, Intervention, Response and Plan (BIRP) notes by utilizing agency monitoring system Share notes for client’s progress.
  • Attend monthly training for case management and reporting of clients’ progress.
  • Complete monthly consumer progress reports for supervision.
Nov 2012Present

Licensing Specialist

National Youth Placement Corp
  • Conduct information and orientation sessions for interested candidates.
  • Develop training curriculum for initial family and home evaluations, re-evaluations and addendums for foster families.
  • Manage Georgia Score for screenings, uploaded home studies, on-going trainings, addendums and incidents.
  • Address foster parents concerns, grievances and concerns.
  • Develop and maintain corrective action plans per agency regulations.
  • Create and maintain foster parent according to agency and state regulations.
  • Develop and maintain foster parent recruitment and retention plan.
  • Conduct monthly home visits for compliance to meet agency standards.
  • Complete home studies, re-evaluations and addendums for foster families.
  • Facilitate IMPACT foster parent trainings per completion of orientation and approved background and Child Protective Service approved screenings.
  • Develop, maintain and administer foster parent resource guide and forms for agency and State of Georgia compliance.
  • Administered and reviewed foster parent bill of rights and foster parent manual for on-going informative meetings with foster parents.
  • Developed and utilized placement matching for youth and foster family.
  • Audit foster home files for compliance.
Nov 2012Mar 2015

Case Support Supervisor

National Youth Placement Corp

Complete and participate in developing, reviewing, revising and monitoring of foster care files.

  • Manage GA Score entries for payment of services, placements for youth and reimbursements for foster parents.
  • Provide introduction and direction to youth and foster parents upon entry to the therapeutic foster care program and agency.
  • Manage and complete incident reports submitted to the Office of Residential Child Care and Office of Provider Management.
  • Complete Corrective Action Plans for foster parent compliance and agency compliance per agency guidelines within given timeframe Agency and the Office of Provider Management.
  • Review and approve all Intakes for placement of youth in program.
  • Maintain reporting systems: Georgia Score, Maintain and complete agency monthly Excel Financial Spreadsheet and Georgia Shines.
  • Administer and Monitor Training for all staff according to yearly State of Georgia compliance.
  • Conduct monthly home and school visits for safety, well-being and permanency compliance.
  • Attend and participate in Individual Educational and Individual Behavioral Plan as scheduled for youth in program.
  • Maintain current and closed client and foster parent files in regulation of Agency and State of Georgia compliance. 
  • Supervise Case Support Staff to maintain compliance of foster care files and job duties.
  • Complete monthly foster care file Audits for foster homes and youth files per Agency and State of Georgia requirements.
  • Complete referrals for support services: Intensive Family Intervention, Core and Psychological evaluations.
  • Attend court hearings, citizen panel reviews and family team meetings as required.
  • Create and develop foster care forms for case management.
  • Developed and maintained audit forms for agency regulations.
Mar 2011Oct 2012

Social Services Supervisor

Department of Human Resources Lawrenceville
  • Document and obtain information pertinent to children and parents progress including assessment, psychiatric evaluation, admission or discharge, and case manager notes.
  • Monitor safety, permanency and well-being of children while in foster care.
  • Review and authorize IFI and CORE services with approved providers.
  • Develop reports for court staffing, court approval and therapist provided updates.
  • Complete monthly monitoring for compliance of foster care files and GA Shines.
  • Facilitate and conduct emergency and residential treatment services for youth as needed.
  • Manage GA Shines entries for payment of services, placements for youth and reimbursements for foster parents.
  • Conducts case staffing; maintains client files.
  • Implements and administers tracking and file review systems
Oct 2007Mar 2011

Social Services Case Manager

Department of Human Resources Lawrenceville National Association of Black Social Workers
  • Monitored children safety, well-being and permanency on a monthly basis.  
  • Conducted announced and unannounced home visits, school visits and parent visitations.
  • Facilitated visitations with families, children, foster homes and service providers.  
  • Participate in testifying to court approved case plan progress regarding the status of the agency, child and parent progress.
  • Attend mandatory agency and State of Georgia trainings for yearly compliance.
  • Provide and monitor communication with parents and service providers during of drug rehab and mental health treatment.
  • Implements and coordinates aftercare and age related activities with appropriate service providers.
  • Maintain documented paperwork with various service providers, medical personnel, case management and multi-disciplinary teams.
Jun 2004Jul 2007

Associate Prevention Specialist

Agency for Substance Abuse Prevention National Association of Black Social Workers
  • Develop and implement components of agency required programming for substance abuse prevention and risk reduction skills.
  • Develop and monitor community outreach programs to provide educational support, prevention and risk information and at risk community resources.
  • Asses and evaluate client risk reduction through the development of service and treatment plans.
  • Facilitate and participate in staff meetings for agency compliance.
  • Develop and evaluate educational prevention specialist programs for targeted population risk level.
  • Comply with the goals and objectives of the program per the requirements of the State of Alabama guidelines.
  • Maintain and complete daily, weekly and monthly reports for youth progress in the program.
  • Identify available grants to for funding of agency.
  • Organize retention and recognition of staff for agency incentives.
  • Maintain visibility in the community through participation in community activities, professional relationships and networking with other service providers.
Jun 2004Jul 2007

Associate June 2004-July 2007

Boys and Girls National Association of Black Social Workers
  • Develop and create activities that support and enhance the youth daily experience.
  • Participate and coordinate with administrative staff to create a productive and inspirational environment.
  • Organize and create productivity feedback to support staff with efficiency and compliance.
  • Develop age appropriate voluntary based educational support and tutoring sessions to assist youth in completing school assignments.
  • Develop and create extracurricular activities and special events.
  • Participate with planning and organizing reading programs, developing toy and clothing drives, and community based marketing supports: flyers, brochures and other notifications.
  • Facilitate groups based on peer pressure, drug awareness, bullying, leadership skills, boundaries and individual achievable goals.
May 2000May 2004

Information Assistant/human Resources

USDA Forest Service
  • Participate as a liaison between the government agency and the public for daily resources.
  • Process informational files and governmental documents to obtain greater use of recreational areas and their facilities.
  • Maintain inventory of office products and sales.
  • Complete data entry programs to maintain fleece reports, process travel vouchers and SF-182's for personnel files using word processing software and printers, retrieve prerecorded formats for daily documentation, create personnel and agency memos, and maintain an accurate mailing lists.
  • Maintain financial spreadsheet as a certified collection officer to sell National Forest maps, golden age passports in accordance with Forest Service manual and handbook requirements.
  • Prepares monthly invoices for collection and transmits cash to Unit Collection Officer.
  • Coordinator and monitor the Shoal Creek Senior Employment Program to enable older Americans to work in mainstream positions.
Oct 2000Apr 2002

Social Work Intern-Bsw

Boys and Girls
  • Developed Counseling techniques, attend staffed ISP and IEP meetings.
  • Participated in treatment team meetings, group counseling and supervising parent/child visits.
  • Develop extracurricular activities for youth with challenging social skills.
  • Attended workshops relating to improve relations between the youth and staff.
  • Developed and maintain open communication with youth daily.
  • Support youth community involvement to develop leadership skills.
  • Participate in reinforcing rules and regulations adapted by the agency to develop resource information guides.
  • Complete documentation using Microsoft word, Excel, Power point, Internet research sites, and other resources.
  • Assist youth with budgeting of weekly necessities purchases.
  • Monitor youth progress with daily living skills and maintaining healthy boundaries.
  • Coordinate weekly schedules with house parent staff for daily supervision of youth.
  • Conduct routine room checks, supervise administration of medication and audit youth charts for compliance.


Aug 2012May 2015

M. A.- Masters of Social Work

Clark Atlanta University
Aug 1998May 2002

B.A. -Bachelor of Social Work

Talladega College


Mental Health
Older Americans