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Organizational Health & Well-Being ~ Narrative Health ~ Organizational & Community Development ~ Consulting ~ Vocational & Leadership Development ~ Organizational Storytelling ~ Medical & Business Anthropology ~ Anthropological Liminality ~ Grassroots Humanities ~ Narrative Ethics ~ Intermedia Arts ~ Techno-Cultural Studies ~ Performance Narrative ~ Communication Dis/Confirmation & Dialogue ~ Health & Life Cycle Narratives ~ Health Communication & Rhetoric ~ Intergenerational Communication ~ Corporate Communication Systems ~ Higher Education Design ~ Holistic Leadership ~ Educational Leadership ~ Authentic, Self-, Resilient Leadership ~ Research Discourse ~ Fear Studies ~ Faith & Society ~ Life & Executive Coaching ~ Impressionistic Auto/Ethnography ~ Ethnomethodology ~ Creative Nonfiction, Intermedia, Professional & Editorial Writing ~ Collaborative Rhetoric, Writing, Editing, Composition, & Tutoring ~ Micro/Blogging ~ Production Teams ~ Ecology, Innovation, & Sustainability in Health & Education ~ Civic Engagement & Public Commons ~ Learner Development & Mentoring ~ Volunteerism ~ Editorial Photography & Photojournalism 


I'm currently in process for a Doctor of Education (EdD) emphasizing organizational leadership and development via Grand Canyon University. I graduated with a Master of Arts (MA) in Communication and Organizational Leadership Studies from Gonzaga University and a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in English and Communication emphasizing Creative Writing and Mass Media Studies from the University of Washington.  I consult leaders and develop organizations to communicate creative solutions in organizational well-being, communication, intermedia narrative, vocational contribution, and holistic connective leadership to benefit healthy connections and outcomes in individuals, organizations, and society.  


Jul 2012Present

Doctor of Education

Grand Canyon University

Emphasis on organizational health and well-being, liminality, or liminal organizations, stress, and leadership, cross-sector and interorganizational partnerships, vocational development, and narrative.



Gonzaga University

Emphasis on communication confirmation, performance narrative ethos, intermedia narrative, dialogue, blogging and communication technology, and wellness amid loss experiences.  I wrote my thesis titled, "Performing Impressionistic Autoethnographic Narrative in Text and Pixels to Explore Fear of Death in End-of-Life Care-Giving Contexts," or how I integrated intermedia narrative to perform, ritualize, and reconcile a loss experience.


Bachelor of Arts

University of Washington

Emphasis on mass media studies and creative writing.  I wrote my senior seminar paper titled, "Julian of Norwich’s Showings: A Prescriptive and Persuasive Style Gives Her Agency," or how a Mystic female used her religion and writing to express her faith and serve others, which gave her agency.



Highline Community College

Work experience



Dena Rosko
I write with a reflective voice and creative details. I have a B.A. in English with an emphasis on Creative Writing, and have some experience in journalism. I pursue the heart of a matter in the details, and always ask questions. The most important exercise in writing is reflection. It's important to know what I write about and why. I also have a knack for editing. Much of my work has been personal and created either freelance or as a student. I am working to publish my first book. I have worked as content writer and editor of a project management website designed to network project management professionals. I worked with backend programmers and the project manager for content design. Recently I had a column published in the Renton Reporter. Mainly I aim to publish freelance, and to provide writing and editing services to businesses and organizations.
Jun 2010Present

Developer & Consultant

Text and Pixels

Text and Pixels develops and consults organizations via communication, intermedia narrative inquiry, production, integration, and engagement, vocational design, and dialogic leadership. We collaborate with clients to develop a strategy that reflects their vision, mission, and goals and to deliver quality results via culturally engaging, collaborative, and socially beneficial communication. 

Jan 2007Jan 2010

Owner & Photographer

Dena Rosko Photography

Dena Rosko Photography provided on location wedding, event, and portrait services discerning clients who enjoy creative and editorial image capture, and who are willing to invest in a local artist, in the Pacific Northwest region.


Care Provider

Private Sector

I provided care for a child ages 3-6 years old, designed learning and adaptive activities.  I provided respite care for a senior adult and developmentally challenged adult.


Event & Reservations Specialist

University of Washington Student Union and Activities Facilities (HUB)
I assisted with event planning and served as event support staff as a Reservations Specialist/Customer Service Representative at the University of Washington’s Student Union Facility. This position required me to communicate with a diverse client base and to clarify policy. I assumed leadership responsibility shortly after my hire when I trained new employees.
Jun 2000Sep 2000

Product Team Coordinator

Unisource Worldwide, Inc.
Unisource is the leading independent marketer and distributor of commercial printing & business imaging papers, packaging systems, and facility supplies and equipment in North America. While at Unisource, I worked as the Product Team Coordinator during two summers (1999 and 2000) while I was a college student. I communicated and consulted with our buying, sales, and merchandising team to place orders and to ensure that deliveries were made on time. I assumed leadership responsibilities shortly after my hire when I trained new employees. I excelled in this position and was asked back the following summer.

Photographer & Sales Associate

I photographed individuals and groups for self-portraits, baby, graduation, couple, and family portraits. I served as sales representative for photography packages. I assumed leadership responsibility shortly after my hire when I trained new employees.