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Work experience



Projects Design Associates

Charlie Palmer Steakhouse - Reno, NV

    Restaurant Renovation & Bar Design

Red Seven - Los Angeles, CA

Wolfgang Puck Restaurant Design

Sterling Club - Las Vegas, NV

Bar & Lounge Renovation

  • Schematic design & development of perspective sketches for the renovation of interior hospitality spaces.
  • Production of plans, sections, elevations, and detail construction documents for project submittal.
  • Development of lighting design concepts and material product specifications.

AutoCAD Designer

Remedios Siembieda Designers

City Center - Las Vegas, NV

    Sports Bar & Grill

     Harmon Hotel Lobby

Valencia Hotel - Dallas, TX

Restaurant & Rooftop Lounge

    Interior Design Renovation

Valencia Hotel - Chicago, IL

Schematic Design Presentation

  • Schematic design and development of interior hospitality spaces including restaurants, bars, casinos, and hotels.
  • Project coordination and initial file setup of drawings in AutoCAD and Photoshop CS3 from Schematic design through Design development and presentation.
  • Development of lighting design concepts and materials research.

Architectural Associate

KnickerBocker Hotel - New York, NY

    Restaurant and Hotel Renovation

Kuala Lumpur City Center - Malaysia

    Retail Design & Exterior Layout

  • Conceptual & design development of the rooftop bar, restaurant, pool, and atrium space.
  • Schematic design and conceptual development of construction documents for hospitality projects using AutoCAD and Autodesk Revit 3D software.
  • Production of BIM modelling elements for the creation of floor plans, sections, interior and exterior elevations for schematic design presentation. 

Design Associate

  • Managed prototype design proposals for all Wachovia Commercial renovations in southern Florida.
  • Completed design development documents and updates for the construction of 2500-4500sf commercial and retail renovations.
  • Renderings of the exterior elevation for schematic design proposal presentations using Photohop.
  • Construction administration followup and development of ASI's in response to RFI submittals from contractors.
  • Coordination with structural and mechanical engineering disciplines for project proposals.

Design Intern

B.S.S.W. Architects

Captiva Condos - Captiva Island, FL

Revit 3D/BIM Model

Ft. Myers Downtown Courthouse - Ft. Myers, FL

Courthouse Interior Renovation

  • Created 3D models & renderings using Autodesk Revit3-D software for design proposals.
  • Designed layout of existing architectural projects using Photoshop for website marketing proposals.
  • Facilitated the layout and production of construction documents for institutional, commercial, and retail  design development.


May 2005Jul 2005

Preservation Institute Nantucket
Aug 2002Dec 2002

Vicenza Institute of Architecture


DreamWeaver CS3
Photoshop CS3
AutoDesk Revit 3D/BIM Software
AutoCAD Designer

Revit Models

Charlie Palmer Steakhouse



Dreamweaver CS3

UCLA Extension - Los Angeles, CA

AutoDesk Revit




Photoshop CS3


  • Studying for LEED AP Exam Accreditation
  • IDP Enrollment
  • CAD Drafting
  • 3D Modelling/BIM Design
  • Sustainability in Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design


Experienced in the design of Hospitality, Commercial, & Residential Architecture and Interior design from schematic design  through design development and construction document production. Proficient in the use of AutoCAD, Autodesk Revit 3D, Dreamweaver CS3, and Photoshop CS3 software to produce presentation drawings and construction documents for project submittal.

Professional experience includes the design of interior architectural spaces such as restaurants, bars, hotels, and casinos throughout the United States and abroad.


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