Work experience

Work experience
2007 - Present


Projects Design Associates

Charlie Palmer Steakhouse - Reno, NV

    Restaurant Renovation & Bar Design

Red Seven - Los Angeles, CA

Wolfgang Puck Restaurant Design

Sterling Club - Las Vegas, NV

Bar & Lounge Renovation

  • Schematic design & development of perspective sketches for the renovation of interior hospitality spaces.
  • Production of plans, sections, elevations, and detail construction documents for project submittal.
  • Development of lighting design concepts and material product specifications.
2008 - 2009

AutoCAD Designer

Remedios Siembieda Designers

City Center - Las Vegas, NV

    Sports Bar & Grill

     Harmon Hotel Lobby

Valencia Hotel - Dallas, TX

Restaurant & Rooftop Lounge

    Interior Design Renovation

Valencia Hotel - Chicago, IL

Schematic Design Presentation

  • Schematic design and development of interior hospitality spaces including restaurants, bars, casinos, and hotels.
  • Project coordination and initial file setup of drawings in AutoCAD and Photoshop CS3 from Schematic design through Design development and presentation.
  • Development of lighting design concepts and materials research.
2006 - 2007

Architectural Associate

KnickerBocker Hotel - New York, NY

    Restaurant and Hotel Renovation

Kuala Lumpur City Center - Malaysia

    Retail Design & Exterior Layout

  • Conceptual & design development of the rooftop bar, restaurant, pool, and atrium space.
  • Schematic design and conceptual development of construction documents for hospitality projects using AutoCAD and Autodesk Revit 3D software.
  • Production of BIM modelling elements for the creation of floor plans, sections, interior and exterior elevations for schematic design presentation. 
2005 - 2006

Design Associate
  • Managed prototype design proposals for all Wachovia Commercial renovations in southern Florida.
  • Completed design development documents and updates for the construction of 2500-4500sf commercial and retail renovations.
  • Renderings of the exterior elevation for schematic design proposal presentations using Photohop.
  • Construction administration followup and development of ASI's in response to RFI submittals from contractors.
  • Coordination with structural and mechanical engineering disciplines for project proposals.
2003 - 2004

Design Intern

B.S.S.W. Architects

Captiva Condos - Captiva Island, FL

Revit 3D/BIM Model

Ft. Myers Downtown Courthouse - Ft. Myers, FL

Courthouse Interior Renovation

  • Created 3D models & renderings using Autodesk Revit3-D software for design proposals.
  • Designed layout of existing architectural projects using Photoshop for website marketing proposals.
  • Facilitated the layout and production of construction documents for institutional, commercial, and retail  design development.


May 2005 - Jul 2005

Preservation Institute Nantucket
Aug 2002 - Dec 2002

Vicenza Institute of Architecture



DreamWeaver CS3

Photoshop CS3

AutoDesk Revit 3D/BIM Software

AutoCAD Designer

Revit Models

Charlie Palmer Steakhouse


2008 - Present

Dreamweaver CS3

UCLA Extension - Los Angeles, CA
2009 - Present

AutoDesk Revit