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I am a professional Unity Developer with 8 years' experience of developing 2D/3D games and Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality Products.

Skill Sets: 

Unity 3D :

  • Script language : C#, JS ( mainly C# )
  • UI : NGUI, UGUI (recently use UGUI rather than NGUI)
  • Experienced Platform : Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android, WEB, WP
  • Unity Shader and effects :  Vertex Magic, Diffuse Shading, Lighting Models, Mobile Shader Adjustment, Screen effects using Unity Render Texture ,Reflecting, Shining with Specular, Effects using Texture Blending, Packing, modifying UV values…
  • Optimization in Unity 2D, 3D game
  • Game Algorithms :  FSM, Sensor System, Flocking, Swarming, Path finding, Path Following and Steering. Nav Mesh, Behavior tree, Locomotion, Random and Probability in AI.
  • Third Party SDK integration, Unity Plugin , SDK build

Augmented Reality

  • AR Engine :  Prior experience of developing AR Engine
  • AR Platforms :  Vuforia, Metaio, Wikitude, ARLab SDK integration with Unity , iOS, Android
  • Features : Geolocation based AR, Image Recognition, Tracking Cloud database, Face Tracking, Modeling QR code Recognition, AR movie, video Custom Camera Cature, AR Gaming.

Virtual Reality

  • Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard, Google Glass, Samsung Gear VR
  • VR 3D Video Player ( SBS, Over Under 3D Video , 360 degree)
  • Motion Sensing ( Leap Motion SDK, Kinect, Extreme Reality ) 

Other Skills:

  • Mobile app (iOS, android, WP) development.
  • Computer Graphics : 3D rendering, OpenGL, OpenGL ES, DirectX, Shader programming. OGRE engine, 
  • Pattern Recognition : OpenCV, Augmented Reality, OCR, Motion Detection
  • Video Streaming, Multimedia Processing : FFMPEG, VLC, 

Messy Easter - Motion Game

Range Of Motion 

Extreme Health - Fitness Motion App

Halloween Messy - Motion Game

TaiChi Temple

Leap Motion Fruit Ninja

VR Shooting Game

DebrisDefrag -Virtual Reality



Digital Arc Systems

Others (2D/3D Games)