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In his role at the forefront of Karaca, Demir Karaca has guided his family’s 300 year-old business with actionable determination, ensuring that the company continues to flourish despite the recent downturn in the worldwide economy. Sharing his outlook on the present and future state of global economics with students at Istanbul University, Mr. Karaca stressed the importance of establishing a solid financial foundation for one’s future regardless of career aspirations, offering listeners an overview of the many benefits associated with investing in gold.

Throughout the course of history, gold has consistently retained its value, proving to be an extremely dependable investment that is seemingly immune to fluctuations in the value of national currencies. Today, many of the world’s most experienced financial analysts recommend gold as a fiscal insurance policy of sorts, especially considering the recent depreciation of the Euro and the U.S. dollar. In the past year alone, the price of gold has risen to more than $800 per ounce, ballooning in value partially because of the U.S. dollar’s weakening. Although investors who choose to allocate personal assets specifically for the purchase of gold bullion do not earn any interest on their investment, appreciation of the precious metal’s value usually covers or exceeds interest loss, particularly in bull markets. Moreover, central banks in a number of the world’s richest countries have announced a clear intent to acquire larger gold holdings, a move that indicates the international banking sector’s faith in the element’s value retention capabilities.

Still viewed as an alternative to conventional investments that depend on a nation’s currency rating, gold will most likely withstand the detrimental economic effects of huge global trade deficits, further highlighting the appeal of obtaining an investment portfolio secured by precious metals. With gold production falling short of demand, bullion now boasts distinction as the investment option of choice for those seeking safe, dependable means for bolstering their personal asset safety net.

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