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Pharmaceutical SFE & Speaking

My interests are fueled by...

helping to solve complex problems that frustrate people doing good work both within health care and at the interface between health care and industry sectors supporting it.

Behaviors I value most are...

  • Clarifying Complexity by
    • illustrating the invisible forces acting on people and things
    • searching for fundamental patterns in complex problems
    • finding the root causes of observable effects
    • creating or adopting models of their operative mechanisms
  • Candor and Transparency by
    • non-judgmentally communicating ideas and feelings
    • open dialogue with people of widely varying experiences
  • Collaboration by
    • sharing a common view of causality pertaining to the work
    • catalyzing the transparency of the degree to which people agree on what they want

My purpose is to...

meaningfully contribute to creating a health and medical care system that is

simple, affordable and conveniently accessible, 

by helping to visualize and solve complex problems and,

by advocating and facilitating precision medical care.

Others describe me as an:

A C T I O N - M O T I V A T E D    S T R A T E G I S T

making sense of seemingly unrelated information, pinpointing the core problems, charting multiple innovative courses of action and collaboratively identifying the best solutions.

I N N O V A T I V E    C H A N G E    A G E N T

bringing different thinking to rapidly changing environments where modeling complexity to anticipate the unforeseen can change the game.

I N S I G H T F U L   E D U C A T O R

sharing a continuous stream of perspectives on complex concepts in order to provide people with widely varying learning styles access to insight and contextual meaning.

About Me

Entrepreneurial physician with a passion for employing strategic innovation to maximize health care. Throughout my career I have provided diverse subject matter expertise to medical device, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and health care services firms. From winning via innovation to providing thought leadership in organizational development, I have helped teams with widely varying needs to construct success.

Envision an enduring medical care system...

comprised of

passionate physicians and care providers with near-perfect performance;

flawless diagnostic technologies and mathematically-precise therapies;

business processes adaptive to people's needs;

working toward

restoring each patient's vitality; and

through which

society is nourished with socially, politically,

spiritually and economically productive people.

Demetrios' Interests

Health care improvement, entrepreneurship, marketing, evangelism, and Lacrosse .


Complex Problem-Solving • Strategic Innovation Planning • Concept Visualization

Medical Content Oversight • Talent Management • Team-Building • Facilitation • Business Solutions Continuing Medical Education • Medical Informatics and HIT • Medical Devices and Diagnostic Equipment Proposal Development • Consumer Health Messaging • Chronic Disease Management

Nutrition and Preventive Medicine • Cardiovascular, Gastrointestinal and Oncology Research

Clinical Research • Web 3.0 • Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals Industries

Patient Adherence and Compliance • Health Care Services Sector • Organizational Design

Operational Planning • Cloud SaaS • Knowledge Management • Learning Management Systems