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Business is an engine of growth


I believe that businesses are the engine of growth in any society.  As such, I am proud to be a business teacher.  As an educator, I have a passion and a zeal for shaping and moulding young minds and equipping students with the relevant skills needed in order to take their stand in the future.  I see it as a privilege to impart knowledge that will allow students to develop an entrepreneurial spirit and to be business savvy. It is my aim to  be a business lecture and continue facilitating knowledge and life skills.

I am therefore applying for a job in the Business field which may include but not limited to:

  • Accounting Lecturer
  • Marketing Lecturer
  • Law Lecturer
  • Economics Lecturer


I have an interest in educating young minds about the harms and disadvantages of substance and drug abuse.  As such, I am a member of the National Council on Drug Abuse (Richmond Volunteer Group). National Council on Drug Abuse - World No Tobacco Day

Using the internet

This showcases me as someone who is internet savvy and able to use the internet to do creative tasks.  Additionally, using the internet shows that I am eager to learn new things, eager to know what is happening in different countries and have a passion for being abreast of changes.  This demonstrates that I am dynamic and not static, that I want to keep abreast with current affairs which not only benefit me but also my organization.  This is especially important in teaching.  The field of business is constant evolving -  laws change, policies change and as such I need to be abreast of these changes.


This shows that I am competitive, goal oriented and focused. Where relays are concerned, it shows that I am able to work cooperatively in teams in order to achieve common goals.  As an educator, I am focused and my goal is to mould young minds, equip them with relevant skills and to guide them in passing their subjects well.

Teaching Sunday school

I have an interest in educating people.  This interest is not limited to the regular classroom context but transcends to the church.  I enjoy teaching Sunday school and assisting in the youth department of the church. Our Children - Our Future - Lets Guide Them

This shows that I am able to give of myself to others without expecting something in return.  I have a social responsibility and as such fulfilling this mandate shows that I am kind, compassionate, helpful and loving. After all, we are a subset of society; as such I should give back selflessly to my students.


Cooking demonstrates that I have good time management, is creative and innovative, and is able to organize things well. Cooking shows that I am focused and dedicated towards meeting the needs of those who I am catering for.  In every organization, proper time management is critical to being successful.


I have a genuine concern for the well-being of people.  It is about denying self sometimes for the advancement of others. Babysitting shows that I am able to handle stress, setbacks, noise, disappointment and problems which some persons succumb to.  It teaches patience, tolerance and understanding.   All of which are important in a job at some point in time.


Communication Skills
I have excellent communication skills and is able to relate well with students, colleagues and basically everyone in the working environment.  Instances where communication has been effective and profitable include:   talking to students who does not seem to have an interest in school and convincing them to change their mind-set.  These students eventually go on to being successful in their courses. talking and reasoning with colleagues on certain policies that can be implemented to make the lesson delivery more effective communicating with parents on parents day and PTA representing the school re certain workshops, road march and expos.
Team Player
A team is a unit sharing common goals. For me, team work is very important in achieving certain tasks. Being in teams provide a sense of belonging. Additionally, it may assist in getting given tasks completed quicker and perhaps more efficiently. Also, team work is important to me because I will be able to share my skills and competencies with my team members and vice versa. Therefore teamwork can be a vital tool for learning new skills and gaining best practices.   Team work, depending on how it is initiated, may lead to some level of autonomy. For example, with quality circles. This may allow me to generate ideas in teams on how to better develop the organization.  Theorists from the behavioural school have advanced the need for working in teams. I agree with this totally, depending on the effectiveness of it.   In essence, team work can help me to grow professionally and socially. From a company’s perspective, it may help the firm to grow and achieve its bottom line.     Instances where I have been a team player:   Being a member of the Day of Prayer Committee where we plan and organize activities for Day of prayer.  It involves working together, overcoming challenges, and dealing with conflicts as they arise. Being a part of departmental planning to ensure that the business department is functioning at optimal levels. Taking part in staff concert along with my colleagues as it relates to performing folk songs and a dance item  
Self Management Skills - Resilience
Over the years I have faced tremendous obstacles.  Challenges and obstacles that perhaps would have made other persons flounder.  However, with a firm and positive belief in God along with a clear mind set, I was able to overcome the challenges.  From these situations that I have faced, I have learnt to to be resilient and to press pass my challenges.  One challenge that I have learnt to maneuver around is illness. A few years ago I was suffering from several illnesses, during which I still managed to perform my tasks both at my school as well as in my church.    Life has its challenges and its low points, but I have learnt to be optimistic, persevere and keep my goals in mind. I was still able to teach students and contribute greatly towards them passing their courses well.   Therefore, I will not allow challenges to get the better of be.  

Work experience

Aug 2004Present

Classroom Teacher

Marymount High School

I have taught students at both the Caribbean Secondary Education Council (CSEC) and the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency  Examinations  (CAPE) levels.  Additionally, I have the experience of teaching adults of varying ages at The Marymount High School Evening Institute.  Subjects taught include:

  • Accounting
  • Management of Business
  • Principles of Accounting
  • Principles of Business
  • Information Technology
  • Office Administration

This mix of experience has equipped me with the competencies and skills needed to teach both at the secondary and tertiary levels.  Teaching the sixth form programme is an aspect of pre-university as well as university level work.  As such, I have gained the the experience, skills and knowledge need for teaching jobs in the business field.

As an educator, not only do I impart and facilitate knowledge, but I also do the following:

  • communicating with the principal, colleagues, parents and students.
  • organizing teaching and learning event
  • assist in organizing activities for the committees I am a part of
  • public speaking
  • motivate colleagues and students
  • providing guidance and supervision to students
  • solving conflicts
  • being a mentor - facilitating 


Nov 2010Present


University of Leicester

I am currently pursuing an MBA via the distance learning programme at the University of Leicester.  I am at the last stage of the programme, having only the research paper to complete.

Jun 2005Oct 2007


University of Technology

Upon completing my business studies degree, I was awarded a First Class Honours Degree.

Aug 2001Nov 2004


The Moneague College

Upon completing this course, I received a Diploma with Honours.


Sep 2012Oct 2012

Supervisory Management

Northern Caribbean University
Apr 2010Apr 2010

Certificate of Participation

Marymount High School Guidance Department


Odette Landley-Kennedy

Mrs Kennedy has been the Head of the Business Department from September 2004 and has practical and contextual knowledge about my abilities, characteristics and overall work attitude.

Joseph McKenzie

Mr. McKenzie was my lecturer for several courses during my tenure at The Moneague College.  He has knowledge about my work attitude, personality and capabilities for jobs in the business field.